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This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in Abby Marks-Beale’s 10 Days to Faster Reading. My book notes are different than. Review: ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ by Abby Marks-Beale. When reading non- fiction, reading a book word-for-word is often a sub-optimal approach: non-linear . 10 Days to Faster Reading PDF Summary by Abby Marks-Beale is your shortcut to acquiring the right skills to master speed reading.

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Triage helps you read the most critical materials first. Lynda Hudson Narrated by: Unfortunately, until some radical change occurs, schools will not change. Less Doing, More Living Summary.

Then, ask yourself one simple question: I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in speed reading or learning to read more efficiently.

Done well, it engages your total attention, challenges your skills, and requires focus.

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For some reason I have always found it difficult to put most of them into action. Eye fixation naturally develops with practice and experience. It leads to the question: Reading is an active mental process that can result in all sorts of unexpected insights and connections, so it pays to be ready to capture them before you forget.

Reading is real work, and is often one of the most effective things you can do with your productive time. Now, I can easily sit down with a book for minutes and extract most of the valuable information from the text – a task that would previously take me at least an hour.


Start reading roughly from middle of the sentence. Log in to Blinkist. Simple but with a lot of valuable information, as well puts you into a perspective of how good or bad you are and then while learning it ask again how you are doing or feeling already. Learn to handle uncertainty, ambiguity, and fear of the unknown in this unique allegorical short marks-bele. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Sign up to your secret marks-beqle success: Get unlimited access to the most important ideas in business, investing, marketing, psychology, politics, and more.

Take note, Abby Marks-Beale! You need to completely understand everything you read.

Definitely has some good techniques to improve reading. If so, you must have felt utterly distraught at the very sight of it! First, it was extremely repetitive. The biggest barrier to faster reading is subvocalization: You have readingg read every word. Josh Kaufmanbestselling author. The rest of the book not only didn’t help, they positively slowed me down. Pre-viewing, I found, was a waste of my time.

No Reviews are Available. Speed reading is a skill that absolutely anyone can learn with ease by adopting simple strategies. Always do a very fast skimming of the material you’re about to read before you plow through it.

I read this book with the hope of learning to read faster. After reading a good book, you should always be reding to add at least 3 tasks to your active to-do or projects list. The key message in this book: So, start reading only the things which really interest you. So far I only find the technique of pre-view reading worth investigating.


10 Days to Faster Reading

Until someone invents a Time-Turner that will allow us to keep up with our reading, choices must be made. Once of the differences dayys reading for school and reading for your own self-education is being able to reach out to authors you respect or disagree with and get answers.

With quizzes to determine your present reading level and exercises to introduce new skills quickly, 10 Days to Faster Reading will improve your reading comprehension and speed as it shows you how to:. The goal is to read at high speed while maintaining high levels of reading comprehension.

10 Days to Faster Reading by The Princeton Language Institute and

Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning and creator of Rev It Up Reading, a program that helps people hone their speed-reading skills. Instead of fixating on every word, taking readkng groups of words at a time can increase your reading speed without harming your comprehension. A well organized book, with simple and practical tips to improve reading speed and maintain comprehension, useful for non-fiction book lovers.

Great Value Any additional comments?