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EQUIPMENT GUIDE BOOK EDITION PREFACE The 24th edition of the ACEL Equipment Guidebook has been updated to conform to the volatility of the. It’s no secret that renting large, earth moving, construction equipment is can’t utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no. special report. ACEL. Professionalizing the equipment rental buisiness. A Inc. ACEL released its first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook in May

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Massive infrastructure development was being done in various sectors such as power, irrigation, transport, commercial, housing and real estate development, etc. Original rods, bits and coupling supplied by lessor, replacement rods, bits, etc. Unit includes protection switches and 15 meters cables. ACEL has transcended borders and has establised chapters in Cebu and Davao equkpment and respectively.

MM90C, Electric Driven 17, This particular edition of the guidebook has been updated to include computations that would use dollar rates on operated dry and bare month. Hts X 56’Range ACEL conducts regular trade testing which is composed 2104 a written and practical performance test in the following occupational titles: Hts X 40 Ft.

Transport trolley not included. The subsequent boon and bust of the Philippine construction industry played a significant role in ACEL’s thrust to focus on manpower development and to come up with a system that can gauge workers’ capabilities and competence. Transport Trailers not included 3. Hts X 31’Range To provide technical assistance and proper coordination with various government agencies and instrumentalities in order to facilitate the conduct of equipment leasing business; The program provides testing and classification of operators and 2041 both in the government and private sector.

Today, this is considered the best possible alternative to owning construction equipment that will necessitate costly maintenance and upkeep.

Since then, the association has forged ahead in the development of programs that seek to address the major problems in the industry through establishing partnerships with other key industry organizations. As a part of continuing educationprogram, these technical seminars included the following: DA-2 This was later revised two years later because of the need to keep abreast of changing conditions in the industry.


To foster mutual understandin and cooperation among its members for their protection; 2. For Individual Benefits – 1. Industry experts and association members have been consulted to equipmsnt up with the best possible approach for the computation of rates that would approximate the lessor’s operating cost and other incidentals.

Click here to sign up. Log In Sign Up. Why does ir fail? ACEL’s unified vision to professionalize the industry was becoming more and more a reality. Skip to main content. Today, ACEL continues to make headway as it consistently comes up with expanded editions of the Equipment Guidebook—the book wcel serves as a groundwork for equipment specifications, rental and purchase rates.

Hts X 66 Ft. To better improve the services to its members various initiatives were done, namely: For this issue peso value of computed rates were also shown.


ACEL as an accredited organization of TESDA formulated accreditation test for equipment inspectors and test standards to comply with the minimum standards for safety to be used in the workplace.

By and large, ACEL proves to be a truly viable partner of the government in nation building.

ACEL acknowledge that the Guidebook is a collaboration effort of its members and the different suppliers and dealers of construction and allied equipment. The word “Construction” was changed to “Carriers” to encompass all entities and services included in its scope of operations. The association has made its equipmen known regarding issues affecting the industry such as its opposition to the entry of foreign rental companies in the country and deliberations regarding the mandatory registration of heavy equipment.

Help Center Find new research papers in: As in our earlier edition we are using dollar rates for the computation and we have considered factors like equipment rating, testing and standardization cost.


It is not intent of the guidbook to be used for the rates not related to equipment leasing. In this set up ACEL was tasked to provide information on blue collar skills requirements and identification of possible candidates. ACEL is also tasked to conduct a competency assessment of each nominee prior to the issuance of a national certification.

About Us – ACEL

Hts X 66’Range Hts X 46 Ft. D60P-8 Hts X 86 Ft. Following its organization, the group swung into action by looking for a practicable alternative to purchasing and owning spendthrift equipment and the issuance of the first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook on May 28, The subsequent editions of the guidebook included provisions for automatic escalation formula, inclusion of ports handling equipment and with Guidebook No.

Mission Statement To contribute to the equipment industry by formulating and implementing policies, advocacies and wquipment for the equipment sector by promoting business with integrity and world class development programs. The rates listed are based on five 5 year old equipment and such rates are mere standards.

ACEL – Association Of Carriers and Equipment Lessors Inc.

Hts X ‘Range For the Industry – 1. All brand new models listed in the Guidebook are equipped with internationally accepted safety devices in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Labor and Employment DOLE Order No. To achieve mutual protection of the companies against malpractices of employees and other workers; 2.

Basic reference to the average utilization per year for type of equipment have been incorporated and useful features such as economic life, tire and undercarriage life and salvage factor have been sourced from a reputable cost reference and included in the formulation for a more realistic approach in the estimation of recovery instrument.

And to properly monitor this computerized database has been develop.