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Boxart Avro Lancaster B.1(F.E.)/ A Airfix Instruction sheets Avro Lancaster (Special) The Dambusters (Airfix A Airfix model kit in scale , A is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Avro Lancaster. Operation Chastise – RAF Scampton | May ; Avro Lancaster B GB Military Instruction sheets. Airfix Instruction Sheets available for free download. ; Apollo Saturn V – SK (Courtesy of Guy De Witte); Avro Anson I – ; Avro Lancaster –

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Any which way it is a bit of a fiddle.

Airfix Instruction Sheets

The nearly-new Tiger Force Lancasters went into service while hundreds of war-weary airframes headed for the scrap yard and the type was gradually supplanted by the successor Avro Lincoln, a process completed by late The decision was taken early on in the Lancaster production programme and the first prototype flew in November So there is plenty of scope for conversions or alternative finishes.

After a few months service, the Mk. Once applied, I gave the exterior of each masked clear part a quick blast of grey auto primer to provide a dark colour to the interior framing.

The second is a more mundane option since the aircraft lacks the bulged bomb bay and ventral turret. The second is from No Sirfix.

Airfix 1/72 Lancaster B.I (F.E.), by Frank Reynolds

I decided to add the flight deck main glazing at this stage. Airfix does not however provide some of the elements of very late build aircraft such as lancazter taller astrodome to the rear of the flight deck, extended rudders or treaded tyres. The main wheel tyres have flats moulded on in convincing style.


It was significantly different, in that the familiar liquid-cooled Rolls Royce Merlin engines of the main Lancaster variants lancasster replaced with Bristol Hercules air cooled radial engines. The small external aerials were added and two small lancasher in the fuselage spine were drilled out to be filled with Micro Kristal Kleer. The turret frames are clearly defined and their interior frameworks instrucions enough detail to be convincing to my eye. III Special and it is curious that the current release should again be an unusual version that was only produced in relatively small numbers, although Airfiz are to be congratulated on this since the B.

Instructions are set out in a 24 page A4 sized booklet with a separate A3 sized two page full colour guide and two decal options. Flat or bulged cockpit side windows. The crew seats lancastef reasonably well detailed, but for some reason the radio operator has no seat.

The bomb doors can be constructed open but no bombs are supplied, being offered in a separate accessory pack. I then proceeded lzncaster the fuselage assembly as normal. The alternative is to assemble and paint the turret, mask it and install at lancsater early stage or to add the fairing at the end and touch in the paintwork. This is a bold move by Airfix in choosing a indtructions obscure version of the Lancaster.

I needed some reference to photographs to pick out the black legs with silver detailing and I used a colour wash to dirty it up a little. Bomber Command was drastically reduced to a peacetime complement of some Lancasters spread across 22 Squadrons.

The kit is engineered in such a way that the gun turrets can be added late in the build and this helps considerably when painting. Not a shake and bake build, but like most current Airfix kits it rewards careful work and in the hands of those with more skill and application than I have a show-stopper can result. I chose to divert to the construction of the four gun turrets at this point.


Much of the instructions relate to builder options and once a choice has been made I find it useful to go through the instruction book with a pen and strike out the sections that I will not need.

With the lancaater of Atomic bombs by US forces, there was no requirement for deployment but the near-new airframes were available to equip the squadrons of a much-reduced RAF Bomber Command in the early years of peace. Airfix provides the wing walk markings and a range of airframe stencils.

The Hercules engines come next and they will reward careful and steady assembly. The Lancaster II is most associated with No. The Avro Lancaster Mk. Closing up the fuselage halves showed a slight mismatch lwncaster the parts along the fuselage spine and the joint required some filler.

This kit has some neat touches, with the main gear doors having small support struts moulded on and this is useful in lining them correctly.