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Allerseelen (Strauss) “Allerseelen” (“All Souls’ Day”) is an art song for voice and piano composed by Richard Strauss in , setting a poem by the Austrian. I must admit I had a bit of a difficult time finding a YouTube recording of Richard Strauss’ Allerseelen that I actually liked. Many performances. Richard Strauss: Allerseelen (arranged by: Robert Heger). Key: Eb major; Opus: op. 10/8; Year of composition: ; Version: original key; Scored for: for high.

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The work was performed at the last night of The Proms in It is one of Strauss’s largest non-operatic works; the score calls for about players and a typical performance usually lasts around 50 minutes.

InStrauss made an alternate version in French the language of the original Oscar Wilde playwhich was used by Mary Allerseelne inspiration for the story, Hofmannsthal used sources from Euripides and Stesichorus. The premiere with orchestral accompaniment in at Meiningen.

Allerseelen (Strauss) – Wikipedia

allerselen Trenner, page, Getz, page And despite revisions to the orchestration, in an attempt to restrain inner voices and highlight principal themes, Macbeth still falls short Member feedback about Franz Rupp: The Opus 10 songs were all written for the tenor voice,[2] which caused some trouble in the Strauss family, since his fathe Strauss set three poems from the collection, but for Sechs Lieder turned to Brentano’s own lyric.

The play was als The final scene is frequently heard as a concert-piece for dramatic sopranos.

Other available translations, adaptations or excerpts, and transliterations strausx applicable: These files are part of the Orchestra Parts Project.

Many poets tend to allerseeen narrators who initially have trouble showing the extent of their feelings. Composition history Strauss set 4 songs by Adolf von Schack in his opus 15 songs. It was one of the last works he composed near the end of his life, during what is often described by biographers, journalists and music critics as his “Indian summer.


It is the second song in his collection Five songs for voice and piano, Op. Text added to the website: Member feedback about Four Last Songs: Member feedback about Sechs Lieder, Op.

Allerseelen (Strauss)

The allerseeoen directly above is protected by copyright and appears here by special permission. List of compositions by Richard Strauss topic Richard Strauss in There are instrumental arrangements for Brass bandincluding one by Stephen Roberts published in Allerseelen is my desert island song and i never get tired of singing it.

The concerto consists of three interconnected movements and lasts around 25 minutes: Composition history At the age of 18 whilst a philosophy student at Munich University, having recently allerseelrn his Violin Concerto and Cello Sonata, Strauss wrote his first horn concerto. Pauline Strauss was not aware of the opera’s subject before the first performance.

The music follows Till througho Whatever notes I scribble down now have no bearing on musical history. The commission was made in a letter from Bohm on August 28, for a ” After Lotte Lehmann had congratulated Pauline on this “marvelous present to you from your husband”, Pauline’s reply was reported as “I don’t give a damn”.

Whilst the two had corresponded for several years, they first met on 23 March Hugo von Hofmannsthal was accompanying Dehmel, Strauss later quoted this passage in h Alllerseelen, he set the accompaniment for piano alone, and for piano with violin. After making her professional debut in as a allerseeleh in Gluck’s opera Orfeo ed Euridice, she was engaged by the Zurich Opera House.

8 Gedichte aus ‘Letzte Bl├Ątter’, Op.10 (Strauss, Richard)

It unleashed a storm of applause rather unusual for Weimar. The second, for D clarinet, is crafty and wheedling, suggesting a trickster doing what he does best.


Your gift is greatly appreciated. Strauss’s tone poem is based on Don Juans Ende, a play derived from an unfinished retelling of the tale by poet Nikolaus Lenau. Early life and career Jones was born in Pontnewynydd, Wales. By the second stanza, we sense the presence of the one he has lost, and by the third, we realize that he has set aside this one day out of the year as a time in which he gives himself permission to grieve, to feel the enormity of the loss he has suffered.

Flowers bloom and spread their fragrance today on every grave; one day in the year is sacred for the dead. The Burleske in D minor is a composition for piano and orchestra written by Richard Strauss inwhen he was Compositions in D minor Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Allerseelen (Strauss) | Revolvy

It is sometimes referred to as just Symphony in F minor. The work has no opus number, and was published in after Strauss’s death. His usual librettist up to that time, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, refused to work on the opera and suggested that Strauss himself write the libretto, whi Richard Georg Strauss German pronunciation: After the first run-through, I was totally discouraged.

Lied by Richard Strauss. The work was completed in Startling and vivid, it depicts one of the wildest and most colorful of Spring rituals, the festival of Adonis