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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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At service schools, teach military history as part of theprogrammed curriculum, including battle analyses, historical simulations, and staff rides, technologically enhanced asappropriate. Command Report, page 25Figure C—1: Unit historians will complete the course prior to deployment in order to be adequately trained.

HistorianAn individual, either military or civilian, who has received specialized academic training and occupies a militaryhistory position specified by a table of distribution and allowances TDAtable of organization and equipment TOE ,or modification table of organization and equipment MTOE. Read the Text Version.

Organization and operation of Army museums and museum activities a. Organizational Historical PropertyHistorical property of unique significance to and belonging to a particular Army organization.

Copies may be obtained from the U. Theseactivities are xr, for which training funds should be used. Oninactivation, disbandment, or receipt of a new certificate, the old certificate will be destroyed.

Staff assistance visits also can be conducted as needed. Theseremarks should summarize significant developments, events, activities, readiness, and trends in the command duringthe previous year. The Annual Command History will consist of an integrated narrative and analytical account of the historicallysignificant developments and events that took place in the command during the previous year.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Create your own flipbook. Historical OfficerAn individual who is responsible for military history activities in addition to other duties.


Military Academy, for an academic year. All original projects scheduled to be published by the Center of Military History will be included in the AHPReport, which is published by the Center of Military History at the beginning of each fiscal year. Organizational alignment will be in accordance with Field Manual FM —22, chapter 2,where applicable.

AR Pages 1 – 45 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

It is recognized that resources will vary from headquarters to headquarters;however, all possible avenues to leverage technology to the benefit of the AHP will be attempted. Placement of the historian in the commandgroup also ensures full historical coverage of the command elements.

The designation will appear inparentheses following the official designation, except on colors, flags, or guidons. In exceptional circumstances, the Secretary of the Army may grant to an active organization the honors of aninactive or disbanded organization to be held as a challenge and a trust. Access by unofficial researchers will be in accordance with AR 25——2, in addition to theaforementioned regulations.

The integration of information technology within the AHP is necessary to remainviable and relevant. Army oral history programs a.

Army in peace and war, to include research and writing aboutcontemporary military operations. Inactivation, re-designation, reorganization, consolidation, or conversion of a unit will not break its chain ofhistorical continuity. Typical chapter titlesinclude the following: Establish and maintain historical research collections.

The date of Federal recognition generally determines the date of organization of an Army 870–5 Guard unit. Fact sheets and briefings. The lineage of a color-bearing organization resides in the headquarters element. Althoughcustomarily prepared by the assigned or attached historian of the reporting command or agency, the Command Reportalso may be done by a designated staff officer within the reporting organization.

Military HistoryA record of military and related activities in peace and war, including history written by official Army organizations.


AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

HonorsUnit decorations and credit for campaign participation and war service that have been bestowed by a competentauthority upon an organization. War service credit may be awarded to an organization as specified in AR —8—22, appendix B. The mission of the AHP is to preserve, critically interpret, disseminate, and teachmilitary history; provide historical advice; and stimulate historical mindedness within the Army and throughout thenation.

The size and design of all historical publications, whether published Armywide or within a command, willdirectly reflect the intended audience, use, and expected life.

The honors earned by an organization pass to the direct descendants of that organization. The pro- for establishing and continuing the groupponent may delegate this approval author- Supplementation.

Modification Table of Organization and Equipment MTOE A document that prescribes the modification of a basic table of organization and equipment TOE necessary to adapt itto the needs of a specific unit or type of unit. Army Training and Doctrine Command. It should be used to increaseindividual morale and organizational esprit, as well as public pride and respect for Army organizations.

He orshe should keep a file during the reporting year on major events and activities and use it as an aid in writing the annualhistory.

Historical projects of specific relevance to an individual command or HQDA organization may be prepared andpublished within that command or HQDA organization using its own resources. A table of contents is required for all annual histories and follows the preface or foreword.