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The Tenants: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Bernard Malamud, Aleksandar Hemon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a new introduction by. In commemoration of the centenary of Bernard Malamud’s birth (April 26, ), FSG’s Work in Progress will be celebrating this icon of. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Tenants.

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But, I can see how others may like it, and my expectations definitely impacted my enjoyment of it as a whole.

The Tenants by Bernard Malamud

Enter antagonist Willie Spearmint pen name, Bill Spearan African American writer who squats in the room across the hall with an old typewriter and a dream of becoming the next Black Arts success and his off-Broadway actress girlfriend, Irene white and Jewishand the plot thickens. By combining those two themes, we get a double dose of both: The pacing is good and the plot interesting.

Then I stepped over five other books and landed in the s. They are an unsavory crew that only bolsters the racial tension of NYC in the 60s. That mixed with certain Hemingway touches was perhaps an original mix, but ultimately I felt derivative. That is what I want to know. His landlord wants to demolish the old and get on with building something new, but Harry is exercising his statutory rights as a tenant and can’t, under the law, be evicted.

Willie goes crazy and vandalizes Harry’s apartment, including the destruction of Harry’s only copy of his current manuscript. But none of my previous knowledge about Malamud’s work prepared me henants this edgy and disturbing masterpiece.

It’s definitely worth reading because Malamud’s writing style is hernard, clean, direct, and beautiful from beginning to end, and his story fulfills Franz Kafka’s belief that “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.


That’s how you DON’T write three-dimensional characters. I get a sense that maybe his own personal life and writing life were unraveling.

Harry Lesser is so fixated on finishing his third novel that he’s been working on for ten years, that it seems nothing will impede his progress – not the gruesome conditions surrounding him in his condemned apartment building where he alone remains, not his tenement landlord’s constant attempts to cajole or force him to leav Malamud reads very different than The Assistant.

On the bright side, it was a very quick read.

Excellent The Tenants does a masterful job not only portraying the emotional life of a writer, but also the incredibly complex dynamic between blacks and Jews in America. When Malamud was asked, during an interview, what “set off” the writing of his novel, he replied: He tricked me into believing that it was a story about self realization in which the hero ties up all of his loose ends after learning his lesson the hard way.

Willie Spearmint later simply Bill Spear, wink wink writes unceasingly, ideas coming tenantts than he can transcribe them at times.

The Tenants

The novel is largely about two writers at war with one bermard. Then he hears the sound of a typewriter and soon discovers that it belongs to Willie Spearmint who eventually adopts Bill Spear as a nom de plume who has taken over one of the abandoned apartments as his writing space.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Harry is in the final stages of writing a novel and, fearing the disruptive effects that packing up and moving will have on his creative process, has decided Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants, published inis the fraught story of the novelist Harry Lesser, last remaining tenant of a dilapidated New York apartment building. The book has been decried by some as racist, depicting African-Americans as violent, irresponsible, anti-Semitic. Also, the conclusion on those Joycean word plays and Hemingway-like so called simple sentences that are actually complicated and stop you up, is that it was not done “on purpose,” but was part of Malamud’s own adopted style.


Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants, published inis the fraught story of the novelist Harry Lesser, last remaining tenant of a dilapidated New York apartment building. Most of the scenes that occupied these seemingly random acts left me confused Trivia About The Tenants. The two meet and start talking about creativity and the art of writing.

Harry and Irene remain committed to staying together, though Irene wonders that he will not take from the landlord the money that will enable them to move, since at this stage Harry still insists on writing in the doomed tenement building, seeing Irene at her place only on weekends.

What an incredible book. Ama la manera de ser de esa gente, sus voces y su ingenio.

The Tenants (novel) – Wikipedia

The only book I can really think of that had a redeemable, respectab Basically, a book that makes you hate and distrust black people even more than you already do. While both deal with Jews in New York and employ absurd plot twists, the premise here is vastly more preposterous.

I would have tenantss to see some of the storylines end properly. May 08, Cat rated it it was amazing.

The sole tenant in a rundown tenement, Henry Lesser is struggling to finish a novel, but