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A gripping tale of violent jealousy, sexual passion and treachery, Honoré de Balzac’s Cousin Bette is translated from the French with an. Cousin Bette (Modern Library Classics) [Honoré de Balzac, Kathleen Raine, Francine Prose] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Bette is a. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · by Honoré de Balzac. Cousin Betty by Honoré de Balzac. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Me, I would give the narration four stars. But it is all just unbelievable. Often I was confused, and so also upset, but always I did eventually come to understand what was happening.

Cousin Betty by Honoré de Balzac – Free Ebook

She commands him into submission, and even binds him with economic constraints by lending him the money to develop his sculpture. His good characters are weaker, in my mind. He grew hopeful that they could marry when she became pregnant, but she fell ill in December and suffered a miscarriage. To ask other readers questions about Cousin Betteplease sign up. The author had to devise a natural and eloquent storytelling method that enabled him to deliver both information and drama easily and quickly.

Given that beette was published as a feuilletonhe was writing couzin people of his day.

It has all the right ingredients. Stowe makes a similar point on p.

All human life is here

Everyone gets their just desserts in the end, except, mystifingly, the Baron who on his saintly wife’s demise marries a servant girl and is happy as a hare in clover satisfied with his comfortable life and lots of sex. Published February bbette by Modern Library first published This is related to the extreme vengeance that plays such a large part in Cousin Bette and Cousin Pons. Her strategy is to work on Baron Hulot’s demonstrated weakness for acquiring and lavishing more money than he has on young mistresses.



Please try again later. Recommended to Balzac cohsin Balzac’s novel has been adapted several times for the dousin. Baron Hulot, who in a story today would surely be one of the villains, gets off exceedingly lightly in this morality tale; his punishment seems to be a series of affairs with hot teenage girls who give him money. Balzac based the character of Bette in part on his mother and the poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore.

What, if anything, does Balzac value in Victorin and his generation? Other books in the series. Interesting, a bit predictable, evil is evil and good is angelic. In Cousin Bette Madame Hulot plays the same role, though her innocence is a result of faith rather than nationality.

Two important novels in the larger project are Cousin Bette and Cousin Pons, which were written as a pair on the theme of “poor relations”.

The layers of detail allow readers to immerse themselves in early 19th ce Compelling and unsavory characters drew me into Honore de Balzac’s Cousin Bette It enables a depth of characterization that goes beyond simple narration or dialogue.

Three officers named Hulot betre recognized for their valor in the Napoleonic Warsand some suggest that Balzac borrowed the name of Comte Hector d’Aure. And she is married! Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The whole lot of them!

Here he records the greed and guilty passion that motivates Parisian social disease. Balzac was a great materialist. You become curious for more.

Novel, an invented prose narrative of considerable length and a certain complexity that deals imaginatively with human experience, usually through a connected sequence of events involving a group of persons in a specific setting. The Hulots’ daughter, Hortense, has begun searching for a husband; their son Victorin is married to Crevel’s daughter Celestine.


Which book should I begin reading first? Poor plain Bette snaps when her niece Hortense, daughter of the beautiful cousin Adeline Baroness Hulotwhom she’s always bitterly resented, “steals” her bett Gender roles, especially the figure of the ideal woman, are central to La Cousine Bette. I will merely try and express what I experienced while reading this book. These characters do not figure in the plots as models to be emulated, though.

I had decided to listen to the book itself after recently seeing the video starring Margaret Tyzack and a young Helen Mirren; the novel moves at a slower pace, although the basic elements are the same. Do you see why I admire the writing, but don’t really love it? Perhaps the best depiction of them is in Lost Illusions.

There is an immense reaction in my favour. As one critic says, “life’s truths are viewed in their most atrocious form”. Members of the aristocracy, for example, were forced to relate socially to the nouveau richeusually with tense results. Sutton rated it really liked it. The question of Adeline’s virtue is similarly complicated.

The novel is a bit dark with a juggernaut of vice permeating every nook and cranny of the storyline. I cannot start describing the rest of the story without going down a path littered with raunch and degradation. When his daughter urges him to meet with a priest, Crevel angrily refuses, mocking the church and indicating that his social stature will be his salvation: Balzac does some great character development, especially with his female characters.