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Braun, Rebecca () Daniel Kehlmann, Die Vermessung der Welt: measuring celebrity through the ages. In: Emerging German-language. The Novel in German since – edited by Stuart Taberner September Pressestimmen zu “Die Vermessung der Welt”. “Welch prunkvollen biografischen Anläufe für diesen Gipfel, welche Epen, die. Daniel Kehlmann, 30, in seinem.

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The characters of the historical figures of Gauss and Von Humboldt are flat, like in a graphic novel.

Danieel all 4 comments. Don’t like this book. Alexander von Humbold – a Prussian aristocrat with rampant OCD, determined vermeesung measure everything around him in an effort to quantify and so, understand, the world. At this point, I suppose it would be good to present people with some hard facts that I may have learned or Googled about Gauss or Humboldt but I don’t have any so I am unable to pass comment on how much artistic license Kehlmann took with the main characters.

The castle functions as a panopticon because its height allows it visual dominance and political control over the village and its inhabitants.

In my opinion, Kehlmann did a decent job.

Full Cast & Crew

Something that only gifted storytellers can kehpmann pull off. Today we would say he was a curmudgeon kind of character. Hungry little caterpillars, they eat their way through a mixed diet of knowledge and skills over the course of their education before entering the strange teenage cocoon stage when they can’t be bothered de anything but their own physical and social development.

He is a boy genius in mathematics. Quotes from Measuring the World. There are two reasons for this choice.

This was an enjoyable novel – funny in many parts, well paced, and interesting. One striking narrative feature in Die Vermessung der Welt is the complete lack of direct quotations to express speech. Doesn’t make it a bad read though, just means you’ll walk away thinking “ok well that was quite nice” rather than “wow I am a better and more well rounded sentient entity for reading that”.


Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann

Later on, his travel bug took him fer the way across Russia and almost to China. Diese sehr ernsten Scherze: His pride at having ascended the church wall shows the perceived power of heights and this memory of earli- er triumph stands in contrast to his current helplessness in the depths of the village.

Trends, Traditions, Transitions, Transfor- mations. View all 7 comments. The novel is divided into several chapters with the life and times of Gauss and Humboldt alternating until the fifth to wwelt last chapter when they meet. As a teacher, you look at all these potential explorers, and their diverse approaches “I want to explore the world!

For example, Eugen wins a large amount of money in a card game by using a counting meth- od that his father taught him years ago.

As Humboldt travels across Europe danidl Spain at the beginning of his journey to the New World, he climbs and measures every mountain that he encounters along his route. Tuesday, April 25, — 6: The validity of this assertion, howev- er, is placed in question by Kehlmann, whose depiction of the climb suggests that Humboldt never reached the top.

Not any bigger than it is now but it had the feel of a larger ball of rock as many humans were still scrambling about “discovering” places. In oth- er words, while the novel does not challenge the antithetical re- lationship between Self and Other, it both reevaluates and prob- lematizes the organic notion of the Self.


After all, it is difficult for a reader to sympa- thize with characters whose speech and thought processes are giv- en at a remove.

Daniel Kehlmann. Die Vermessung der Welt.

And the way Kehlmann describes them, you feel as if you had known them forever from the first moment. In the late eighteenth century, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt had both embarked on the same quest: Other than this, there are very few facts in this story that could be referenced back to anything.

Return to Book Page. I love to think about the fact that people had to conquer many obstacles to see and explore the world while nowadays all you have to do is book a ticket. Empires from China, Persia, Greece, Kehlmnn and the Middle East had already got a lot veressung wandering out of their system prior to the time many Europeans were just stretching their legs and wondering exactly what was over the next hill. More reading is required: My lifelong love for museums confronted me a lot with Humboldt’s expeditions while the only knowledge I had of Gauss goes back to my school days.

Daniel Kehlmann. Die Vermessung der Welt. – Free Online Library

He was the first to explore the geological and botanical diversity of remote regions of Central and Latin America and wrote detailed kehkmann reports about his findings. In an intelligent, refined and sophisticated way.

One of those “do I continue, or do I give up? Despite being the son of a genius, Eugen is of average intellect.