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isc website: 1 isc Silicon NPN Power Transistor. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·High Power Gain Gpe≥ 10dB,f= MHz, PO= 6W; VCC= V. 2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2SC datasheet, 2SC pdf, 2SC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, RF POWER TRANSISTOR NPN EPITAXIAL.

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I spilled my soda onto an outlet but i had an extension cord plugged in.

Original Mitsubishi 2SC Transistor?? Answer Questions What is the easy way of resolving Bluetooth problem? I notice the original had a narrower case than the replacement, there was very little space around the PCB, I had to carefully dremel out some of the PCB. The V is a crummy radio, no tears seeing it scrapped. Trying again, same issue, I was measuring a base-collector short. Kindly suggest and comment!

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December 22, December 23, What is the easy way of resolving Bluetooth problem? See the below article. I replaced the transistor in the with it, and it works great. February 07, Is ok to attach a battery connector harness for a drone? December 14, Thanks and Regards Bobby. If you have a clumsy child, you make them wear a helmet.


Can I plug it back in?

I ensured my package was isolated from chassis using mica and plastic shoulder washer. TBF members can buy or sell 2SC I just ordered it yesterday. December 15, I guess they’d sooner let the equipment sit around for five years and develop bad electrolytic capacitors from dis-use rather than spend a few extra dollars now.

Whether they work depends on the circuitry in question. My headphones are the Hyper X cloud Stinger.

January 02, Interesting that the 2SC was discontinued inand then used on the IC and others past Does anyone have a working new or pulled from a board Mitsubishi 2SC preferably or 2SC RF power transistor surplus to requirements.

New to Ham Radio?

2SC1971 Datasheet

Why does my friends hear my headphones audio through my microphone. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Lightest heatsink I have ever seen.

Thankfully it has an “original” 2SC, slender casing. What you get are scs, even though they are labeled s. If you have death prone children, you keep a few clones of them in your lab. You know, people who will repair their own gear to either datasheey a buck or because there is no support for it, like me, and turn around and whine about the cost of discontinued parts make me scratch my head.


Sure, it’s sad in a way, to see the parts go obsolete before the device they are inside of does — but that is what planned obsolecense is all about.

2SC1971 Datasheet

Still looking for a proper replacement. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Anyhoo, I’ll let you know if the smoke leaks out of the possible-counterfiet 2SC