DECRETO 4728 DE 2010 PDF

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decreto ley de pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley de pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. 21 Decreto / Reglamentación de la Ley de Migraciones No y sus modificatorias Internal Control Presentation March Cargado por NOA DECRETO de pdf. Cargado NOA DECRETO de pdf. Cargado.

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Sets out duties of owners in this regard, including duties in relation to provision of information, training, instruction and consultation of workers. Aprilmit dem das Stmk.

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Regeling van de Minister voor Wonen en 2100 van 14 juninr. Heavy Metals Regulations L. Part 14 provides for the repeat of Cap 33, and the savings on regulations, orders and notices made or given sander the repealed Ordinance to remain in force unless inconsistency with this Act occurred.

Article 10, inter alia, prohibits industrial vessels to fish in the coastal waters in order to protect coastal fishermen. The cooperative charter documents shall contain date, place of issue, name of cooperative, purpose and area of work, capital devreto share value, name of each member, place of residence and occupation art.

These Regulations are divided into 3 Chapters: Amends the principal Act by extending its application to the fishermen’s cooperative society. Act of 22 December to amend and supplement the Act on fisheries. Kenya – Pescadores – Ley. No spear guns shall be used art. Fishermen are allowed to receive permits up to four years with the possibility of renewal. A cooperative shall be made up of a minimum of 20 members and shall be required to be fully engaged in fishing as well as own licensed boats art.

Verordnung der Landesregierung vom This Decision consists of 5 Sections. In every freezing or refrigerating facility a temperature sensor device must be decretk and in working conditions at all times and temperature charts available to inspecting authorities.


Provisions respecting contributions under Act No. Repeals subsection 12 1. The objectives of the Organization are to be achieved through the harmonized action of the Organs established by articles It is composed of 7 Parts divided into 35 articles.

The Act consists of sections divided into 17 Parts: It also provides that all fishermen are to be registered with the Permanent Secretary section 5that before leaving, they must have a Fishermen Continuous Records Book and that trainee fisherman are not to stay at sea for a cumulative period of more than 6 months section Act of 27 July on Fisheries.

Fishing Industry Regulations B. No spear guns shall be used art. The Act prescribes the requirement of a licence to be issued by the Director and an authorization of the Secretary of State to fish on the High Seas and the Director shall maintain a record of High Seas fishing vessels.

The Law classifies three types of fishing gear: Provides that participation in certain prescribed safety training dfcreto fishermen is a precondition for work on board any vessel, irrespective of tonnage. Fisheries Act No. Provides that the retirement age is 60 years, and that a member who has not paid his contributions may be excluded from the pension fund.

Contiene dos anexos 428 a las licencias de pesca industrial o semi-industrial y de pesca artesanal, respectivamente. Determines the bodies in charge of supervision and control, procedure and penal provision with regards to ce implementation of relevant legal documents of the European Union, and contains dee, operations of fishing fleets, supports, market for fishing, special provisions, supervision, penal provisions.

As for foreign decreot, the Act sets out conditions of access and contains provisions regarding behaviour of foreign fishing vessels in waters of The Gambia. Part 2 incorporates section 4 to 6 which provides for the management of fisheries through the consideration of designated fisheries, and the preparation of fishery management plans. The recent experience is in direct contrast with the case of Te Tauu, where a similar use of a bunkering vessel violating our Fisheries Ordinance resulted in forfeiture of decfeto vessel and its cargo to the Republic, in addition to a substantial fine.


Part II edcreto the Act provides for the introduction of a scheme of social insurance for persons engaged in share fishing.

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These Regulations lay down the 47728 conditions that shall apply to handling slaughtering, freezing, processing, salting, packing, etc. Sets up legal framework for fisheries and aquaculture activities in Iran.

Regulates establishment of decrego Fund, objectives of the Fund, composition, meetings and powers of the board, appointment of staff, protection of members, and some related matters. Amendments to the Law cover various issues regarding the development, management and conservation of fisheries including: Sections deal with the following matters: These Regulations make provision for the granting of fishing and other licenses to foreign fishing vessels, lay down some rules relative to operations of those vessels in Eritrean waters, and prescribe offences and penalties.

Repeals the Fisheries Law, P. In relation to fisheries resources conservation the central territorial environmental guidance organ shall arrange the following: Act to amend the Act respecting pensions for fishermen No.

No fishing license shall be granted to a vessel which is not registered with the Ministry of Fisheries art. Islandia – Pescadores – Ley.

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This Decision consists of 5 Sections. Makes provision for the establishment of a Fishermen Welfare Fund to provide for the social and economic welfare of fishermen and their families. Part 11 incorporates section 30 to 38 on jurisdiction and evidential proof.

The Bureau of Fisheries may prohibit fishing in any area with any type of gear which it finds harmful to the fish resources of that area sect. Management of fisheries cooperatives is provided for in Chapter V in particular: Notification of workers 9.

Law Establishing the Iranian Fisheries Organization.