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EC Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Subject Code / Name: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK. B.E./ DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Eighth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC /. EC MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS. L T P C. 3 0 0 3. UNIT I. INTRODUCTION. 9. Introduction to adhoc networks – definition, characteristics features.

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The protocol optimizer interacts with the existing stack through the tuning layers. Reservation request phase 2. The two types of protocol that are used to handle multiple access issues are i Contention based protocols ii Conflict free collision free protocols.

List the advantages of hybrid wireless networks. How is scheduling mechanism achieved in distributed wireless ordering protocol? Contention based protocols 2.

Efficient utilization of energy 2. With any five adhof reasons, analyze why TCP is exposed to significant throughput degradation in ad hoc networks. Detection of malicious nodes 2. Proactive Reactive 1 Route is pre-established Route establishment is on-demand Route discovery by some global 2 Continuously discover the routes search Updates topology information table 3 No information update is done periodically longer delay due to latency of route ombile No latency in route discovery discovery Large capacity is needed to update 5 Large capacity is not needed network information A lot of routing information may May not be appropriate for real-time 6 never be used communication 7 Eg: Explain COA, reverse tunneling and route optimization.

Associativity-based routing ABR protocol selects route based on the stability of the wireless link.

Comment on its challenges in maintaining ad hoc networks that are connect to internet. What are the advantages of hierarchical routing protocol?


List out some indoor propagation models. The approaches for Power aware routing are 1.

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AMRIS may to exhibit high packet delivery ratio even when all nodes restrict their mobility to a small region. What is replay attack? What do you mean by BTMA? Transmit the packet of the remaining node. Why does TCP not work well in ad hoc network? Reservation adhod phase 4. Comment on the use of natural language passwords directly for cryptographic algorithms.

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The power management is needed for 1. The features of wireless LAN are a Power management to save the battery power. What is protocol optimizer? Explain the characteristics of wireless channels.

Why does an AP in wireless network act as a bridge? List the goals to be achieved in transport layer protocol for Ad hoc wireless networks. These protocols are to initiate route discovery on demand but at a limited search cost. Military applications and battlefields b.


Directional antenna MMAC is superior over MACAW, since a node transmits packets only through directional antennas, the interference caused to nodes in its direct transmitting range is reduced considerably.

What is cross layer feedback? Discuss briefly cross layer optimization technique in detail. They are Prepared by A. Secured routing provides a Confidentiality b Integrity c Avalilability d Ec0250 8.

Eliminate all but one of the contenders if more than one sender has the current priority. What are the issues in designing transport layer protocol? The major goals when selecting a routing protocol are a Provide the maximum possible reliability by selecting alternative routes if a node connectivity fails. List any two needs of real-time MAC protocol. What is meant by small scale fading?


Hidden terminals are nodes that are hidden or not reachable from the sender of networkks data transmission session, but are reachable to the receiver of the session. This leads to an increase in the overall throughput of the system.

Distinguish between shadowing and reflection of signal propagation. The contention based protocols can be classified into networka groups according to the ways collisions are resolved. List the important goals of designing a MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks.

What do you mean by passive attacks?

What is hidden terminal problem? Security — Military 6. An ad hoc network is a multihop, infrastructure less network mobiel has no centralized server to control the communication between the nodes and resources cannot be reserved beforehand. What is the adhof value of time out period in traditional TCP?

Shadowing Reflection When the propagating radio wave hits an Fading caused by the large buildings object which is very large compared to its or other structures, that block the wavelength such as the surface networos Earth, or direct transmission path from the tall buildingsthe wave gets reflected by transmitter to the receiver is known as that object.

Table driven routing protocols – Periodic exchange of routing information. Cross-layer feedback means interaction among the layers in the protocol stack.