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Computer Networks Year Question bank. Uploaded by . Check the answer (10) b. Bit stuff the . ec computer networks question bank. Uploaded by. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define. ECCOMPUTER NETWORKS. ALL UNITS – QUESTION BANK answer. 28 . List out four differences between circuit-switched networks and packet-.

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What is meant by segment? Explain cross talk and what is needed to reduce it? Each layer in the sending machine adds its own information to the message it qurstion from the layer just above it and passes the whole package to the layer just below it. What is the purpose of HTML? For one million users to communicate, only two million keys are needed.

Token Bus is a physical bus that operates as a logical ring using tokens. Define a standard What are the disadvantages of optical fiber anwsers a transmission medium? The network support layers are Physical layer, Data link layer and Network layer.

A Local Area Network LAN is a data communication system that allows a number of independent answwers to communicate directly with each other in a limited geographic areaE What is the function of FECN? Give the usage of I, S, U frames.



The dividing process is called segmentation. Intel Corporation and Xerox.

The client has three components: One set contains the end user portion of the HDLC frame — the logical address, control information, and data.

A brouter is a single protocol or multiprotocol router that sometimes acts as a router and sometimes acts as a bridge. The transport layer creates a communication between the source and destination.

A CRC checker functions exactly like a generator. Write short notes on FDDI. Here a sequence of redundant bits, called the CRC remainder is appended to the end of data unit. The sender can send before waiting for acknowledgment.

It is the popular mechanism for continuous transmission error control. Data terminal equipment is a device that is an information source or an information sink. The transport layer is responsible form source-to-destination delivery of the entire message.

EC Computer Networks – Question Bank and Important Questions – Edition

Here each entity can create a pair of keys, keep the private one, and publicly distribute the other one. At the receiving machine, each layer removes the data meant for it and passes the rest to the next layer.


List out the available detection methods. Write short notes on CRC. Raghavendra Reddy Malapati Page 11 The size of the data unit belonging to a single session are so small that several can fit together into a single datagram or frame, the transport protocol combines them into a single data unit. Uses two characters networsk identify a country as the last suffix.

EC2352 Computer Networks MJ2014 Question Paper

What are headers and trailers and how do they get added and removed? A protocol is a set of rules that govern data communication 6.

The circuit is dedicated to the specific uses. The pathway requiring the smallest number of relays, it is called hop-count computed, in which every link is considered to be of equal length and given the value one.

Computer Networks EC notes – Annauniversity lastest info

How is a secret key different from public key? Secret Key algorithms are efficient: Why are standards needed?

The combining process is called concatenation.