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Eldad and Medad (Modat) was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesians ( ), shorter than 2 Corinthians (). Of it we have one. Six men out of each of the twelve tribes were summoned to the Tabernacle, solemnly set apart and filled with the Spirit — but two of the men — Eldad and Medad. Two men, Eldad and Medad, however, remained behind in the camp. The Spirit rested upon them, and they prophesied in the camp. Joshua.

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The resemblance to 2 Peter iii. The helmsman stands impatient at the wheel, and all the sailors are alert, but not a ripple runs along the vessel’s side. If we give of our love lavishly, yet affection is not lessened by such outpouring. Turning with loathing from the manna, they whimpered, like spoilt children, for the fish and flesh they had enjoyed in Egypt, and murmured against God and against Moses.

This unique experience was given by God, and received by the people as convincing evidence that Eldad and Medad were divinely appointed, and divinely qualified, equally with their brethren nearer the Tabernacle. In the 25th verse of the eleventh chapter of Numbers, it is said that ” the Lord took of the spirit that was upon Moses, and gave it unto the seventy elders. I was weary with forbearing and could not stay. Seventy of the men thus summoned came together promptly, and were ranged in a semicircle before the Tabernacle.

Eldad and Medad were both away from the Tabernacle, somewhere in the unconsecrated camp; yet they received the same blessing which their brethren were enjoying at the door of the Tabernacle. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Who were Eldad and Medad?

Instead of beginning with an angry rebuke, help and relief are first given, and then in a few calm e,dad the needed counsel is proffered. Alone among the Elders their names are recorded; they kept their gift of prophecy and entered the Promised Land, They prophesied of the death of Moses and succession of Joshua so also Pseudo-Philo ; or, say others, of the quails; or of Gog and Magog. It is true that Joshua exhibited some jealousy and suspicion, and would have silenced them because the blessing had not come through Moses; but the great law-giver, with characteristic insight and generosity, would not heed the request — ” My lord Moses, forbid them.


In their case the call was manifestly inward rather than outward. Eldad and Medad Modat was a short book of lines, longer than Ephesiansshorter than 2 Corinthians What does it teach?

It is clear from the Hebrew narrative that Eldad and Medad, eldwd their brethren at the meedad of the Tabernacle, did not receive an abiding gift of prophecy, but a transient sign which seemed adequate an convince the people that they had been chosen and inspired.

Self-contained, self-reliant men are not the highest type of humanity, and they are sometimes for their own good visited by anxieties and responsibilities which compel them to cry, ” Lord help me. Their matured experience may be quite as valuable as their once fervent zeal.

According to Jewish tradition, Eldad and Medad were buried in the same cave in Edrei. Indeed, our Lord Himself shared that experience, when for our sakes He became man.


Tanchuma says they prophesied of things that were to happen as long as forty years after, whereas the other Elders only predicted things near at hand. He had three specially ane friends.

Eldad and Medad

Nathan should have humbled themselves instead of plotting against the patriarch. He chose comrades who were a blessing to Himself, although He was a far greater blessing to them. If we impart information, we do not lessen our own store of knowledge. In Clement of Rome’ s letter, and in the Homily that is called his second Epistle, a prophetical passage is quoted without a name, which Bishop Lightfoot guessed to be taken from this same book.


The miraculous power given to the apostles, as evidence of their Divine commission, was not always at their disposal. Earlier interpretations were even harsher: Though the Israelites had been only slaves there, they would doubtless be familiar with the art of writing, for the men of that race have never yet lagged behind any people among whom they have lived.

Bar-Ilan University

After the giving of the Law, he goes on, Moses commanded his father Amram to put away his wife Jochebed, because she, being Levi’s daughter, was aunt to her husband.

It was not a permanent possession.

Modern Language Association http: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though we light a thousand candles from one which burned alone at first, it still burns brightly as before.

They are made half-brothers of Moses, in two ways, 1 According to the author of the Hebrew Questions on Chronicles iv. In rabbinical traditionEldad and Medad are said to have predicted a war with Gog and Magogwith the king from Magog uniting the non-Jews and launching war in Palestine against the Jews, but these non-Jews being defeated and slain by fire from the Throne of God.

Eldad and Medad are not otherwise identified or mentioned in the Bible. It is a comfort to remember this when we grieve over some prodigal, who has gone beyond the reach of religious observances; who never attends worship, or reads the Bible.

Buechler, Studies in Jewish History— Mentioned in the Former Prophets. The difficulty I find in acquiescing in Lightfoot’s conjecture is that I do not quite see whom Eldad and Medad would be addressing.