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Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Essays and criticism on Elias Canetti’s Crowds and Power – Critical Essays.

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The book is very exotic elisa its language, its examples, its leaps of reason, and once you absorb them it changes your worldview. In this study of the interplay of crowds, Canetti offers one of the most profound and startling portraits of the human condition.

All I hear is praise for this book.

The obvious point of Crowds and Power is to escape from the tacit, largely unexamined presumptions and categories of social scientific thought. An important book for better understanding oneself, religion, politics, sports fans, high school, and just about anything else. It remains therefore suggestive, if not inspirational. Uses many anthropoligical examples, although some links are more tenuous than others. Waar een normaal non-fictie boek ons poogt te overtuigen met crlwds en logica, daar betovert Canetti ons met ongehoord originele essayistiek en met de enorme kracht van zijn metaforische beelden.

Die Canetti vervolgens met allerlei voorbeelden uit mythen en antropologische bronnen nog weer extra vorm en inhoud geeft, op meeslepende wijze. Niet alleen vijanden, maar ook vrienden of mensen uit het eigen volk. I highly recommend this book to people seeking to stimulate their imaginations. Commands addressed to More than One Individual.

Mi piace qui ricordare il passaggio in cui Canetti afferma che “le gocce d’acqua, nell’uomo, suscitano compassione”, ma soprattutto quello in cui, con gran sprezzo del ridicolo, parlando dei ‘simboli delle nazioni’ ci informa che “l’inglese si vede comandante di nave, lo spagnolo matador “. Uses many anthropoligical examples, although some links are more tenuous than others. Interesting view of the behavior of crowds and leaders and how they interact and grow. The insights in this book are raw, to the point, and so far, are the most accurate and imaginative d I read and re-read this book from front to back numerous times.


It is Canetti’s not uninformed view that “Hitler would never have come to power if the crowd of the army had not been prohibited by Versailles. Ik heb door bijvoorbeeld kritische vragen te stellen of in discussies net wat behendiger te zijn kristallen van rancune in anderen achter gelaten.

Ja, het is vreselijk maar het is waar: Interesting view of the behavior of crowds and leaders and how they interact and grow.

Crowds and Power

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. De hand, tot klauw gevormd, wordt als symbool voor deze angst altijd weer gebruikt. Open Preview See a Problem? Ze ontmaskeren en anr daarmee ten dele de machthebber tegenover ons en in ons.

Ziedaar de verlokking van de massa.

Crowds and Power – Elias Canetti – Google Books

Jan 21, Chris rated it really liked it. Ergo, il piacere psicologico del commercio deriva dai tempi in cui i nostri pelosi antenati volteggiavano di adn in ramo.

Conversation with Elias Canetti. His discussion of National Crowd Symbols is presented almost as an aside but is particularly thought-provoking. Here Canetti explains that in every command there is the threat of death You are warned that if you do not comply with orders from above, something bad will happen to you, like death for instance. His unit of analysis is the crowd, which may arise from something more primitive called a pack, but which takes on uniquely crowd-like characteristics and force.

The book is admirable for its erudition and scope, ranging through history, anthropology, mythology, psychology, politics, biology, canettl more to give All I hear is praise for this book. The Rain Dances of the Pueblo Indians. Wat voor de Bosjesman geen fantasie is, maar realiteit: The Resentment of the Dead. The very solemnity with which elections are conducted, argues Canetti, derives from the renunciation of death an instrument of decision. Ik heb dus angels in ctowds door bevelen van anderen, anderen powsr angels in zich door bevelen van mij.

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Men mag het niet toestaan meer dan de huid te schrammen. Bovendien werkt hij in “Massa en macht” niet expliciet uit wat die middelen canettii wegen zijn om zich voor het bevel corwds vrijwaren. Elias brings in a whole range of topics such as panic, rhythm, crowds of people and their types, the dead, hunting packs, native Indians, religious wars, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Muharram, European nationalities, the destruction of the Xhosas, monkeys, epidemics, questions, commands, Mongols, African culture and the sultan of Delhi.

An important book for better understanding oneself, religion, politics, sports fans, high school, and ju More literary than scientific, Canethi anthropological investigation of crowd behavior will leave you looking both at human behavior and the natural world in new ways.

They have an emotional significance that is real the last night of the Proms comes to mind, as does the role of the Dijkgraaf in the political unity of Holland. Selected pages Cametti Page.

The Attributes of the Crowd. This is utter bullsht, or rather I elixs say I wholeheartedly believe it to be so. The Escape of Josephus. Adorno says that Canetti focuses on the concept of the symbol and categories too much and that they are already internalized and directed towards the imagination. Recent Posts Habermas, Jurgen: Dat soort identificatie, waarbij het ik door totale inleving daadwerkelijk in de ander metamorfoseert, is de machthebber uiteraard een gruwel.