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Embrace (5 Book Series) by Jessica Shirvington. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Two Choices: Angel or Exile. Lincoln or Phoenix. The wrong choice . Book four of this series is about to be published in Australia, so Shirvington is hardly a newcomer despite this being her first U.S. publication. The CW Network, along with Amblin Entertainment and CBS Television Studios, is developing ssica Shirvington’s Embrace, and its follow-ups.

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Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Embrace’ Heads to Television

At the same time, she recognizes the cinematic quality of her emrbace. There were lots of things about this book that bothered me, but I think what made me throw it back in the library bin was that there was nothing interesting about it. There was no point what so ever of this book! Really, there is nothing likable about her.

If Violet is going to survive, she has to choose her destiny. But it’s not like it’s the worst thing I ever read which shirrvington has me feeling sort of, well, weird. Yep, I saw that coming once Violet introduced her crush on him. I’ve seen this story over and over again.

I’d say I’ve read these books probably times in my life and I still love them. From the beginning, we are introduced to a very strong and cunning character, Violet. I was doing this: The next installment, Enticecomes out in Beautifully written, especially the simmering sensuality and sex scenes, this book forms a terrific introduction to what promises to be a great series.


Auch wenn es vielleicht nichts Neues ist, hat mir die Handlung doch gefallen und dank des Schreibstils fliegt man auch nur so durch das Buch.

I was head over heels for Lincoln in the beginning – can you say amazing kiss? Now, I know this is the first of a series, and that there needs to be a lot of setup and worldbuilding, but another main problem I had with this book is that nothing really happens. There are a few details I disbelieved in the story, though. She was strong for mere moments before she fell to pieces He needs to be a little bit more edgy than the other love interest.

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) by Jessica Shirvington

It was readable and easy enough to get through, but not interesting enough to finish it. Which is fine and all, but really who describes themselves that way and then does the whole I’m not particularly beautiful act. Steph was a good friend, but the dialogue between her and Violet was like nails on a chalkboard to me. Instead of a huge slew of questions with no answer WOW. We’re left with a sense that nothing and no one is to be shirvingtom in this world; it’s intense and a bit unnerving.

I was not disappointed. It didn’t focus on the angels It focused on Violet’s love life Here’s the thing And then there are the guys, Lincoln and Phoenix. It is beautifully written and it is packed with romance that will cover all of your emotions.

There was so much romance, action, suspense, danger, myths, and plot twists that Shirvingtom couldn’t stop reading. He would do anything for Vi and was very very patient and forgiving of Vi.


You want to see that you could be like the character or know somebody like that but they were completely unrealistic. Uuhhhhgggg I can’t even find the appropriate word but yeah, I hate Phoenix’s guts.

Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Embrace’ Heads to Television

How her best friend easily believes her when she explains she is shirvingtob angel -in a food court no less, or how her dad acts oblivious, even neglectful towards his 17 year old daughter. Some of you may consider this particular point a CON See all 10 questions about Embraceā€¦. I tend to have a dislike towards the lead characters these days, feeling I’m unable to relate at all, but I really adored her. I should have known, when the Sourcebooks rep told Sarah and I at NCTE that this was her favorite book they shirvingtln there and we would love it, that I really would, but I was still surprised by how much I liked it.

I can see that most authors are really talented, are capable of making wonderful characters like Tris from Divergent I love her. I fully enjoyed reading this book and discovering this world that Violet has been destined to be a part of.

Yeah, she uses those actual words. Seriously the tables at food courts are so close together you can hear everything so obviously it is not shrivington best place in the world to tell her!

They are just frustrating shirvingtin I’m like this every time I see them.