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These make Inspire the most elegant way to write. Here, you just need to enjoy the simple, distraction-free USER RATINGS. Trustworthiness. David R. Heffelfinger’s – Free PDF Unlock Online Utility (Beta). Free PDF Unlock Online Utility (Beta). Bookmark and Share. Some PDF documents. Ensode wrote: Problem unlocking PDF file. There was a problem unlocking the provided PDF file. Please make sure it is a valid PDF file and try.

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When attempting to save the PDF, a popup window appears stating “Only a blank document can be saved”. The unlock for XLS file is not working.

Excel Unlock Utility : David R. Heffelfinger

The trick is here to open Excel file via compatible Google Drive option, i. What you guys think about this tool? Microsoft Excel allows a user to protect one or more sheets in a spreadsheet. It only open Popup Posted by Anil on June 03, at Excel dwsbloquear doesn’t work man.

Very nice utility, it worked perfectly for an Excel locked for modifications spreadshet that I had. Apparently I had written and deployed a useful tool.

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Yeah sometimes it can be useful if many people operates your PC but did you know that those excel sheet can be easily cracked or unlocked! Removes 40 or bit passwords.


Good for education purposes. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

One such tool i personally use to unlock a pdf file is pdf security removal. Regards Posted by Saroj Shrestha on July 14, at The SAVE restriction still exists. Love this free eesbloquear. These sites didn’t work for me, I found this one, working: The utility is very simple to use, simply drag and drop the file to remove restrictions, You do not need to know the “owner” password for this to work. It also can desnloquear remove PDF password.

Posted by Cris on June 25, at I am getting an error desblowuear from the utility HTTP Status – type Exception report message descriptionThe server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

Unfortunately no file was not displayed in a new browser window or automatically open file in excel that is installed on my PC.

David R. Heffelfinger’s – Free PDF Unlock Online Utility

Permalink Submitted by automotive diag Uploaded a simple 1 page document with fields that allow data entry. This website saved my job!

Regards Jaspal Posted by Jaspal on July 14, at It has been disabled, I am unable to browse files. It is quite helpful: How to remove excel password. If it doesn’t work I think it is a fake. When a file is NOT successfully unlocked, there is no download popup coming up and user doesn’t understand what has happened. Here is the link if you want to try it. Thanks for the useful information.


Replies to my comment. Another easy option is to upload the file in GMail as attachment and send it to your other ID. Then it hit me, just like PDF files are sometimes restricted, preventing users from copying and pasting their content, sometimes Excel spreadsheets contain locked, uneditable cells.

Posted by B on April 02, at Posted by Anil on June 03, at But the site name can be changed to megacheater which is a better choice.

It will help restore the password to Excel file, and can recover the password to Excel sheet. Nesode by John on February 28, at Didn’t work for me, file 2,98 Enslde – pages. Posted by Rohan on January 09, at Posted by Max on April 15, at