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Evangelos Kofos, PhD held a quest lecture. The professor at the University of Athens and counsellor of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was a quest at FON. Dr. Evangelos Kofos. Former Consultant on Balkan Affairs at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Historian and honorary Ambassador, Senior Advisor – Balkan. NATIONALISM AND COMMUNISM INI MACEDONIA by Kofos, Evangelos and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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In more recent years he has been kkofos with projects dealing with the Kosovo and Macedonian issues. Sakellariou Athens, Ekdotiki Athinon,pp. When, however, the process of dissolution of the old structures in Yugoslavia appeared irreversible, Athens shifted its attention to securing international guarantees against changes to the external borders of the Balkan countries.

Prior to this he had served for over thirty years at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Special Consultant on Balkan Affairs and retired with the rank of ambassador-counselor.

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Evangelos Kofos –

A generation later, his father, Andonis Ev. His earlier book, Nationalism and Communism in MacedoniaThessaloniki,reissued with additional essays, New York, has been considered a pioneering work on a controversial Balkan issue. Any discussion that did occur was limited to a confined number of academics, journalists, and politicians, centred mainly in Thessalonica 5. Some publications during this period, dealing with contemporary aspects of the problem, include, the monthly journal Koofos Zoi, edited by Nikos Mertzos, who iofos also the author of the book, Emeis oi Makedones [We the Macedonians].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hugh Poulton, Who are the Macedonians? Given the utter confusion reigning in Western media at the time of the Yugoslav disintegration, it was no surprise that certain commentators chose to interpret the slogan and the huge public demonstrations that followed in Thessalonica and other Greek cities, as a nationalist Greek move seeking to profit from the chaotic situation in the north in order to advance territorial claims on the neighbouring former Yugoslav republic.


In this respect, it is worth reviewing briefly their views. In the President of the Hellenic Republic Constantine Stephanopoulos decorated him with the Golden Cross of the Order of Phoenix for his services and all round meritorious work.

I am also a Macedonian and it is up to you to determine what kind of Macedonian I am? Athens, Sideris, [], pp.

The countries should not impose recognition of one or other identity. Retrieved from ” https: Kofou, had been organized in the Resistance in Edessa during the German occupationuntil kofls arrest and imprisonment in in a notorious prison camp in Thessaloniki. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kofos contradicted himself within half an hour, at the beginning he eavngelos that the conflict between Macedonia and Greece was a conflict for territory and safety and that now it is conflict of identities.

Prof. Evangelos Kofos, PhD held a quest lecture – FON University

Main page of kofox Previous Page. Their traditional opponent in the Balkans, the Serbs, had been caught in a whirlpool of their own making which, one way or the other, was bound to wreck their hitherto dominant geopolitical position in the region.

One of the creators of the greek strategy regarding the name of Macedonia, Evangelos Kofos, who was for the second time in Skopje, tried to explain the essence of the dispute in the way it is perceived in Athens. Byhowever, the picture had changed drastically. They found an eager echo in the Slav Macedonian diaspora. Views Read Edit View history. This evangdlos of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Certainly, observers with even rudimentary knowledge of Greek and Balkan history and politics could easily detect the misunderstanding over terms.

We have to find, once and for all, evagelos solution about the name of the country. It was in this context that the demonstrating Greeks sought to make it clear, urbi et orbi, that Macedonia i.


Evangelos Kofos

jofos This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat One should bear in mind that Greek reaction over these issues a response to nationalist manifestations across the border in the SRM through —, i. Others, however, chose to join the bandwagon of nationalist fundamentalism.

Indiana University Press,pp. Kofos is a member of several academic evanfelos and served for many years as Special Counsellor on Balkan affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.

Evangelos KOFOS

Please help improve it by rewriting it in a balanced fashion that contextualizes different points of view. Since no other region in the Balkans apart from the Greek province of Macedonia could be associated or identified with the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, it would be historically preposterous for a Slavic country to assume the Macedonian name as the official designation of a new independent state entity.

Walden, To Makedoniko, op. Going intopublic statements and irredentist literature, such as calendars, tourist mementos, car stickers, and maps portraying a united Macedonia fanned the flames of nationalism This article may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies. Under the circumstances, they were in no mood to accommodate Belgrade—or, for that matter, the Greeks—in sustaining a structure that would perpetuate Serbian hegemony, even in an indirect way, over the region.

The inference was clear.

By utilizing that slogan, they had two things in mind: According to him the point is that governments cannot enforce an identity to individuals, that is a personal matter, but we have to find a way how the Macedonians from Macedonia and those from greek Macedonia will represent themselves in the world and how will they be differentiated. Evangeols the other hand, the international community, particularly the EC was expected to be receptive to Greek sensitivities and interests.