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The Extron MLC IP AAP MediaLink Controller is an enhanced control. The Extron MLC IP MediaLink Controller is an enhanced control panel for. The Extron MLC IP Series of MediaLink® Controllers are enhanced control panels for controlling AV equipment in any small classroom or boardroom. They standardize the interface for all display systems, making them easier to use, set up, and maintain. Enhanced MediaLink.

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Because the buttons illuminate, they are helpful for presenters in low-light environments.

rxtron IR receiver shall be located on the face plate of the controller Device shall feature a 2. Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support. They enable the MLC IP to control basic display functions such as power, input selection, and volume adjustment.

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The product has to been restocked by our supplier or it is in production. It standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. Your email has been sent. It has the same look and functionality regardless of where it is mounted: This centralized data can be collected and used to reduce maintenance costs and guide future purchasing decisions.

Data Logger Data Logger is a free Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet application that allows administrators to automatically gather up-to-date lamp hour and usage statistics for multiple rooms of AV equipment.

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Considering the specifications of this product, its price is “on request” and the delivery time has to be defined. Global Configurator also adds support for GlobalViewer, a free Web-based AV resource management and remote control software application specifically designed to work with products that include IP Link technology.


It is not a switcher; instead, as a controller, it tells the display when to switch between its various inputs. The product is in stock. The administrator can schedule the system to turn off all projectors at a specified time, and raise all projection screens that were left down. To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version If the delivery date is not indicated, it is the first time that we restock this product. It is estimated on the basis of our production history or on the experience we had with our supplier for previous orders.

Together, these form a powerful control solution with the following features: Information such as connection status, power state, and current input selection is displayed in a central location.

For fast action, e-mails can be sent to multiple addresses including cell phones and wireless devices. Both display control and source control are provided on a single panel to standardize the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use.

The MLC IP can also work as a stand-alone device to control a display without the aid of a switcher. Send me a copy. It will be available soon! Shipping costs free from: Presenters with little or no training can walk into any multimedia classroom and operate the AV system.

When lamp usage reaches a predetermined number of hours, the MLC IP can send a report via e-mail. For many connected devices, technicians can toggle power on or off, switch sources, control volume, and more without leaving their office. How do we determine the delivery time?


Validate order 0 article s: In such an event, op can send an e-mail message notifying security personnel of the possible theft. When configured, these LEDs shall provide visual feedback to reflect the relative of the audio level of the AV system Supports the creation of Wxtron drivers by capturing IR commands from handheld remotes.


The MLC IP includes exrron display control for a display’s power, input switching, and volume control. What do the stock availability icons mean? Also includes link and activity indicators for troubleshooting network issues Device shall have a female RJ jack located on the back that supports an optional IP Intercom module Device shall have a captive screw connector on the back of the panel that will output a mono audio signal when the optional intercom is used Device shall support the following protocols: Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support.

Please try again later. We received a product from a supplier the first time within 4 days then in a 5-day delay afterwards within 10 days because of a stock shortage by the supplier and finally in a 4-day delay Calculation: Please enter a valid e-mail address. If any serially controlled device such as a projector or display is physically disconnected from the network, the Mlf IP monitoring its status will know immediately.

Register – Forgot your password? Buttons shall feature removable button caps allowing them to be custom labeled for easy identification Device shall provide a rotary encoder knob located in the bottom left of the panel that can be configured to control the audio level of an AV system. Add Item to Cart.