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Dr. Eyal Lederman completed his PhD in physiotherapy at King’s College, London, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual. J Bodyw Mov Ther. Jan;14(1) doi: / The myth of core stability. Lederman E(1). Author information: (1)CPDO Ltd., London, . The myth of core stability. Eyal Lederman The principle of core stability has gained wide acceptance in training for the prevention of injury and as a treatment .

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You don’t need to “do” good posture, simply stop doing bad posture. From personal experience I have never met anyone with a core so weak that they can’t achieve good posture and less back pain without having to strengthen it. Please follow the instructions in it to confirm your subsciption. Do these individuals have more or less back pain than others? Therefore encouraging patients to focus more on tasks external to the body is far more beneficial to building strength, coordination and improving mobility.

What he failed to see was that this wasn’t an issue of poor strength, but poor coordination.

Shifting away from the stability myth frees us up to consider completely different treatment and exercise approaches. It worked well for me and with 2 or 3 classes a week a year later l was better than new.

The myth of core stability.

It takes about weeks for the abdominal muscles to undergo re-shortening, and you would therefore expect that during this period, there would be minimal spinal support and increase the likelihood of back pain. Balanced poise doesn’t require “strength”, and “stability” invariably translates into rigidity at the expense of mobility. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The idea of core strength eyall have stayed within the Pilates community but for Myhh Paul Hodges, head of human neurosciences at Queensland University.

But I have spoken to a number of Pilates instructors and had great feedback from my own clients about their Pilates instructors who now place much stabilify emphasis on this “drawing in of the stomach”, working on quality of movement in general, training movement rather than muscle, which I can get on board with. I had not been taught these core strengthening techniques which would have protected my spine when l was doing all that silly hypermobile stuff. I’d pf find myself nodding in agreement with his principles only to not see it evidenced in practice.


Sign up for latest blogs and newsletter: The core stability lf caused my muscle tone in my right foot to become so high, I had difficulty getting my shoes on.

Can I simply say what a aid to find someone who really knows what theyre talking about on the internet.

The Myth of Core Stability: Part 1

Keith Silvester Saturday, 05 December Focussing on the contraction of individual muscles is counter-intuitive to how the brain learns new skills. I only notice kf this fixation on core strength still persist in physio’s and gyms environment and not very qualified Pilates instructors.

Don’t forget to visit our blogs page to read up on the latest news today! However, research has shown that in the majority of women, any back pain during pregnancy spontaneously improves within the first week of delivery. Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Perhaps even solve the headache, as well as the back pain. If you haven’t read his book Your Healthyou’ll find it quite amusing by modern marketing standards.

Ever see indigenous communities do this? When the body is stabiility as a whole, why would a specific group of muscles be more important than another in protecting against back pain? Maybe movement pattern changes occur in response to the threat of pain rather than cause pain. That would be daft imo. Picture the scene there was one physio, me, someone who needed a translator and another who had narcolepsy and kept falling a sleep l kid you not So essentially the physio was only effectively communicating with one of us – me.


Millions of years of evolution have given you postural reflexes that work just fine if you don’t cor with them. I would love to point you out in the direction of modern Pilates bio-mechanical research, should you be interested When coee looked at top football players he found that those with a strong core played no better than those without.

Not having read his other books I’ve not had a chance to see if he staility or changed his ideas over time. I was lucky l had very good teachers at virgin active when l started about 10 years ago living with a chronically repetitive strain injured ready to fall apart no muscle tone hypermobile jointed previous ballet body that had been stuck at a desk job for too long.

Why after millions of years of evolution would you need to do this? Online booking for Osteopathy and Massage Book an appointment.

The exercises themselves are easy to do not quite so easy to do well! Lederman begins the review of core stability by examing the role of the transverse abdominis. Some people have this quite naturally in spadessome people need the help of another to acquire it.

The breath is key as well as in dance. To be honest I found Pilates contradicts himself quite a bit in Your Health. Claudia Sunday, 30 April Causes ballooning and weakening of the pelvic floor 4.

The myth of core stability | HealthSkills Blog

But so what, it was still worthwhile! Notify me of new posts via email. This website uses cookies.