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GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP Manual. Configuring Fax server options • Field information first name: can be empty last name: can be. Leave “Proposed” items blank if no change is being made.) 1. Department: This fax was received by GFI FAXmaker fax server. For more. GFI FaxMaker™ fax server software solution for small to medium . ITSP Domain Name field should remain blank as no domain name was.

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Because all SMS messages will be logged on the server, you can ensure that sending of SMS messages will be used for business purposes only Users will not use SMS to communicate with colleagues or customers if they have to use their own mobile, because of the charges involved.

2 blank pages when sending fax from outlook

Adding an OCR route 1. This allows you to change the modem settings of the driver. This ID is assigned to you by Clickatell upon sign up. Screenshot 27 – Optional authentication 5. If you have chosen one format only, you must set up a printer for that format. You can also import a list of users and DTMF numbers using the import function 3.


Configuring an etherFAX fax service

Optional As part of configuration, you can deploy rules. The browser based client does not require any ActiveX or Java components. Configuring SMS archiving SMS log files Refer to the ‘Archiving directly to a database’ section of the Configuring fax archiving’ chapter for more information on how to set up database archiving. For more information contact Cantata Technology.

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Screenshot Sharing Tab 4. The GFI FAXmaker Fax message form also retrieves the company name of the recipient, so the cover page always has the company name filled in.

WebSpy Vantage Ultimate 2. Troubleshooting Microsoft Office document conversion 1. The same principle is applied to SMS messages. Other fields are optional. Therefore the process is described in separate paragraphs below.

If you wish to copy the settings for a line you have already configured, tick Copy settings from and select the line from the drop down list. Custom cover pages can also be created.

Then enter the extension of the format e. Click on the Exceptions button, and key in the area code affected into the Area Code field. Client was not authenticated.

Glank is it a question of relying on end users to input vital information by hand. Scanner Power Tools Exchange Fax. Screenshot 50 – Creating a new DID route 2. Specify what the from address should be To: This is required to install bit Windows Kernel Drivers. Click Next to continue setup. The fax will be printed exactly as it was sent. GFI FAXmaker will pick up the fax job, search for fax number, recipient name and recipient company name, fax out the document and notify the user who submitted the fax job whether the fax was sent successfully or not.


Create a database or file with fqxmaker information, including. Select the telephone entry to be removed and click on Remove. Specify your mail server name and the SMTP port. Some of these options are grayed out depending on what device you are using.

GFI Faxmaker Client 12 Files Detail

Faxmakdr click OK to save all changes. Then it will mail back a delivery report to the user. In the preconfigured example, the number is sent via the subject, and the body contains a number of lines including the message, the credentials etc. Click Install this driver software anyway to proceed. October 17, Copyright.