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“Gymstick Original is a breakthrough functional training tool that will help you practice a large number of exercises without the aid of weights and dumbbells. Fedezd fel Adienn Hajnal Gymstick nevű tábláját a Pinteresten. | További ötletek a következővel kapcsolatban: Ejercicio, Exercise és Workouts. This workout is x through with a Gymstick (which you can check out here). Primary focus is butt, chest and core. Lunge With Press per.

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Short & Effective “Gymstick” Workout for Butt, Chest & Core.

Resistance The Aqua Gymstick enables cardiovascular and muscle conditioning to be performed simultaneously and it can be adapted to most exercises. An adaptation of the Gymstick, the design of this tool enables stationary, propulsive and travelling exercises to use the extra resistance of the bands to add challenge. This provides the instructor with the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the execution of the next exercise.

To increase resistance, wind the bands around each end so that the bands become shorter and require more effort to stretch. Trios consist of a primary exercise, a first progression and a second progression. Through combining strength and stability training, it provides a high level of neural activation by challenging the nervous system to react to the unstable movement patterns, which enhances movement reaction times and heightens proprioception righting reactions. Appropriate tension is required before beginning the exercise, therefore communication between the client and trainer is paramount.

Medium — This blue band is designed for junior athletes, men and women who want to start exercising.

Repeat Trio with the opposite leg in the 1st exercise. The resistance ranges from 1 to 10kg. Marietta Mehanni Recipient of the Australian Fitness Network Author of the Year award, Marietta is an award-winning esercises and presenter with over 20 years of teaching experience in both land and water-based group exercise. Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and push alternate end forward in opposition to the leg.


The resistance ranges from 1 to 30kg. This assists in maintaining tendon integrity and reduces the risk of injury.

Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and pull the Gymstick towards the chest with the elbows lifted high. The resistance ranges from 1 to 20kg. The triceps abdominal curl combo highlights the ability of the Gymstick to combine exercises that normally would not be possible with weighted, gravity-resisted movements. Strong — This black band is designed for fit men and women and athletes. The advantage of using the Gymstick is that several joints and movements are in use simultaneously — and all while completing the humble chest press.

Step forward into a dynamic lunge while adducting the arm. How food affects our mental health. Regardless of the exercise, there should always be tension in the bands when using the Gymstick. With each exercise, this can be increased or decreased according to the intensity required. Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and abduct arms in the opposite direction to the legs. A gumstick on a stick! Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and push alternate end forward in opposition to the legs.

Extra strong — This silver band is designed for extremely fit men and athletes. Sophie Russell, BA Sophie is an award-winning instructor, personal trainer, presenter and author. Lift left leg off the floor and abduct to side. Repeat Trio as above, with optional change gymsick grip to underhand.

Gymstick™ Exercises | Physiotools

The client horizontally adducts the arm to the front, ensuring that the elbow stays slightly fl exed. The resistance ranges from gymstico to 25kg. The Gymstick is designed to offer total body resistance training, by allowing for hundreds of movements and variations and replicating free weight exercises.

Super strong — This gold band is designed for athletes. Gymstick has five options for resistance levels, making it ideal for use by people of almost any age or fi tness level. Selecting the correct resistance The resistance bands come in five different strengths. Hold the stick against the pool floor on an angle and twist the Gymstick to tighten the bands. For the instructor, the Aqua Gymstick can be used effectively in a shallow pool, an environment which is not always ideal for other aquatic tools.


And with the ability to increase and decrease tension — and therefore challenge — it’s ideal for use with participants of different strength and fitness levels, from the obese or the elderly, to personal training clients or athletes.

The work ethic recession. Spread the word for your PT business. The Aqua Gymstick enables cardiovascular and muscle conditioning to be performed simultaneously and it can be adapted to most exercises.

Controlling the recoil of the bands, bring the body back into the upright position. The active participation of the trainer in these exercises provides them with the necessary kinaesthetic feedback to be able to make minor adjustments to the tension of the bands, and therefore to the intensity of the exercise as it is being performed.

The resistance levels are colour coded as below: Both proprioception and balance will be challenged by gyymstick exercise photo 3. For the participant, the Aqua Gymstick aids in the development of postural awareness and challenges aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Gymstick™ Exercises

The trainer stabilises the stick with both hands in an upright position. It is important to begin with an appropriate level of tension in the bands.

The resistance bands come in five different strengths. Training on unstable surfaces – the missing link.

A gym on a stick!

The client grips the bands, while the trainer is securing the stick to the fl oor. While using rubberised bands in water fitness classes is not a new concept, attaching them to a stick is — and that’s what the Aqua Ggymstick does.

This is also appropriate for personal training.