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FOREMAN RUBICON/with GPScape. OWNER’S MANUAL operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information alerts. Honda TRXFA Owner’s M Operation And Instruction Manualanual pages. Honda TRXFA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon Owner’s Manual pages. TRXFA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon Offroad Vehicle pdf manual Rubicon. Honda TRXFA Owner’s M Operation And Instruction Manualanual pages.

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Owners Manuals

Before each ride, be sure: Otherwise, the valves should be adjusted by your Honda dealer. Page Index valve, fuel Page Measure the distance the rear brake pedal moves before the brake starts to take hold. Page As a precaution, ride your ATV at a slow speed and apply the brakes several times. Install the PS fuse box cover.

The part number is 61HN Slide the seat back and lift it. If you must ride with a temporary tire repair, ride slowly and carefully until the tire is permanently repaired or replaced.

When you approach any obstacle, reduce your speed and be prepared to stop. Important Safety Precautions Keep cigarettes, sparks, and owneds away from all fuel-related parts. Have the tire replaced by your Honda dealer if possible. The color code is helpful when ordering replacement parts. Check that the tires are properly inflated. What to Take to the Riding Area Taking Care of the Unexpected General Guidelines Keeping your ATV well-maintained is the best way to reduce the possibility of having a problem while riding.

If necessary, install new caps. Freeplay measurement at the tip of the end of the brake lever should be: Press down on manuaal seat until locks. Maunal sure the oil level reaches the oil level check hole.


Honda TRX500FM Owner’s Manual

You may then proceed to ride on more difficult terrain. Make sure you kanual all the safety messages. Page Taking Care of the Unexpected When you get home, thoroughly check your ATV and correct any problems you find.

To clear a flooded engine: Likewise, drugs even if prescribed by a physician can be dangerous while operating an ATV.


Page Brakes Other Inspections Check that the rear brake lever and brake pedal assemblies are positioned properly and the securing bolts are tight. Publication Item Description Qty.

Page Index key, lost Page 96 Riding Your ATV Crossing Hills or Slopes To maintain balance and stability when riding across a slope, you need to shift weight toward the uphill side of the vehicle. The following pages give detailed information on how and when to check your air pressure, how to inspect your tires for wear and damage, and our recommendations for tire repair and replacement. Before riding in an unfamiliar area, find out in advance if you need special permits, get maps so you can study the terrain, and talk to other riders who know the area.

When you show respect for the land, wildlife, and other people, you also help preserve the sport of off-road riding.

: Genuine Honda ATV Owners Manual TRXFA TRXFPA Rubicon: Automotive

Instructions for other components are presented in other sections of this manual where they ownegs be most useful. It can carry cargo on the cargo racks, however, carrying cargo anywhere else or carrying a passenger could interfere with your balance and control of the ATV.


Page may require more technical information and tools. Safe Riding Precautions Never ride past the limit of visibility. Remember, be sure to take care of any problem you find, or have your Honda dealer correct it before you ride.

The odometer registers total distance traveled in miles while the ignition switch is ON. Be sure to connect the positive terminal first, then the negative terminal. Other Checks Check the reverse assist lever and cable for loose connections or other damage.

Before you ride your ATV for the first time, we urge you to: Going down a hill improperly could cause loss of control or cause the ATV to overturn. If a Fuse Blows All of the electrical circuits on your ATV have fuses to protect them from damage caused by excess current kwners short circuit or overload. Using the wrong air cleaner may result in premature engine wear.

Always select your riding area with care. Unsnap and remove the left engine sub cover. An open-face helmet offers some protection, but a full-face helmet offers more. Page Apply the polish or wax according to the instructions on the container. Continuing to ride with a PS system problem can cause system damage.

Hobda sure the oil level is at the lower edge of the oil filler inspection hole. Taking Care of the Unexpected Oil conforming to the standard is labeled on the oil container. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.