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How To Pray [R. A. Torrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . How to Pray is a riveting and compelling call to prayer. Pastor, educator. Table of Contents Preface to How to Pray Chapter 1 – The Importance of Prayer Chapter 2 – Praying Unto God Chapter 3 – Obeying and Praying Chapter 4 -. How can we learn to pray effectively? Renowned evangelist and Bible teacher R. A. Torrey says that there are key biblical principles which must be followed if w .

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These results are apparent in ministers, in the church and in the unsaved. Cuyler in an article in a religious newspaper some years ago said, “Most revivals have humble beginnings, and the fire starts in a few warm hearts.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

If we would get from God, we must give to others. If we would know the fulness of blessing that there is in the prayer life, it is important not only that we pray in the right way, but also that we pray at the right time. If any one were to constantly come to us asking help from us, and should never say “Thank you” for the help thus given, we would soon tire of helping one so ungrateful.

A most remarkable and widespread display of God’s reviving power was that which broke out at Rochester, New York, inunder the labors of Charles G.

Clary continued in Rochester as long as I did, and did not leave it until after I had left. Infidelity and immorality are Siamese twins.

But of course we must, if we would maintain this spirit of constant prayer, take time — and take plenty of it — when we shall shut ourselves up in the secret place alone with God for nothing but prayer. Mar 25, Kathryn rated it liked it. The word translated “strive” means primarily to contend as in athletic games or in a fight. We go to God and ask Him for something that is positively promised in His Word, and then we do not more than half expect to get it.


Nothing can be more foolish in prayer than to rush heedlessly into God’s presence, and ask the first thing that comes into our mind, or that some thoughtless friend has asked us to pray for. The historian of the time says, “He was a man who never would have been chosen by a wise assembly of ministers nor sent to begin a reformation in this land.

Whatever else I do, I must pray. There is no essential difference between the teachings of Tom Paine and Bob Ingersoll and the teachings of some of our theological professors.

So great became the religious interest e.a.torrey Christians would come thirty or forty miles to the communions, and continue from the time they came until they returned without wearying or making use of sleep.

Men went out of that room to different parts of the country, taking trains that very morning, and reports soon came back of the out-pouring of God’s Holy Spirit in answer to prayer.

Others went out into the city with the blessing of Gow upon them. To ask other readers questions about How to Prayplease sign up. The verse tells us how the life is attainable by every child of God: Some explanations that have been t of this are so mystical or so profound that to many simple-minded children of God they mean t nothing at all; but what Jesus meant was really very simple.

These God has made very plain in His Word. Here is one of the greatest secrets of prevailing prayer: There are many very good modern books on prayer, but in general there is just something prsy focused on the real power of God and the real work of prayer that comes from these older books on prayer.


In many and many a case the prayers of husbands are hindered because of their failure of duty toward their wives. But how shall we attain to this earnestness in prayer? You see it in the newspapers, you see it on the bill- boards, you see it on the advertisements of cigars, shoes, bicycles, patent medicines, corsets and everything else. A general revival is a time when this new life from God is not confined to scattered localities, but is general throughout Christendom and the earth.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

Paperbackpages. He does not ask merely whether certain things are commanded or certain things forbidden. They will be the mold in which our prayers are shaped, and our prayers will be necessarily along the line of God’s will, and will prevail with Him. But there is nothing mystical or mysterious about this expression. When anything is definitely promised in the Word of God, we know that it is His will to give that thing.

Upon this point the Bible is very plain. That’s something that would be very difficult to communicate in a book–although the book I just got might suggest otherwise, from all reports.

How often must He look down upon us in sadness at our forgetfulness of His repeated blessings, and His frequent answer to our prayers.