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Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places, admin_xor, Emergency UNIX and Linux Support, 3, PM. on October 11, book. tweet · share · share · share · share · mail. Well here we are again, at part two of the ‘Getting Help from Linux’ series. In this blog post. DESCRIPTION. This module is a driver to determine platform metadata regarding the Linux operating system. It should be called indirectly via it’s parent.

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I had first to set the Grub and then the powersave settings: I never touch sudoers file. Hi guyr, When I typed line number 2 inrolinux your suggestion above, another error showed up: My fix was to compile kernel 2. I follow the howto with 3. Need network info of servers.

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View Public Profile for cokedude. SS and on battery power i have 30min, on Windows 7 1h: All times are GMT I must be missing the point of this how to…. Hi Marko, I did tried the newest method above using sudo -ihowever I still encountered error: STEP2, test for temporary powersave: I can open it using sudo gedit the content is: I make this guide step by step and have a problem. Sqeeze boot too long with the new kernel about 2 minutes. Hi, the tutorial is great, but i need some help, i have done all of this and when i restart my eth0 is missing and eth1 is shown, i want to rename them, do you know unfolinux i can do?


Also replacing the kerning is probably not the better way to handle Hyper-V, as it prevents future kernel updates on the machine. View Public Profile for styno.

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Hi Guys I want to enable hyper-v support in debian We finished CentOS installation on first part. Hello Gilles, Thanks for your comments.

Hi Dimitry, I think Gilles should reply your problem: I am confused myself. DevGenii A quality focused Magento specialized web development agency.

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The inputvsc drivers do not work under CentOS 6 kernal though. Rahmadi the sudo command apply only to echo powersave So i suggest these 3 lines: Merhabalar, bu anlatimlarda bahsi gecen ayarlamalar ESX icinde gecerlimi?

I’m looking for ip address, subnet mask, gateway, and dns. Any news would be appreciated SOON!

The reason could be that you are running pre 2. No such file or directory lguest. To work infolinix Linux kernel 2.

For other non-Ubuntu based distros you would use su instead of sudo -i.


Microsoft has just released Linux Integration Services v3. Find all posts by itkamaraj. Check the powersave settings: I was just trying out your work around I get Well how about a write up on that something else?