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Bukankah dia yang menyangkal bahwa Hazrat ‘Isa adalah Kristus? He most certainly was someone far more at home in Spain in the Middle Ages rather than in Palestine at the time of Jesus Christ.

Gospel of Barnabas

Islamic Institute, Durban, South Africa, Verily, Allah gives you the glad tidings of a Word [“Be! Throughout the centuries this command was observed and the Roman Catholic Church eventually took it over into the Christian faith. The Muhammadans have also a Gospel in Arabic, attributed to saint Barnabas, wherein the history of Jesus Christ is related in a manner very different from what we find in the true Gospels, and correspondent to those traditions which Muhammad has followed in his Quran.

Jesus turned himself to him who writes, and said: Joseph White who used them for his series of Bampton Lectures in Das Barnabasevangelium und die Wiederentdeckung des Judenchristentums: Besides the absent final chapter, and the large lacuna already noted; the Spanish text also misses a section of around words from its Chapter Chapter in the Italian and another substantial but shorter section from Chapter Chapter in the Italian. Penolakan faham Trinitas Kristian itu lebih nyata lagi, manakala dengan disebutnya Muhammad sebagai Sang Mesias yang akan datang oleh Hazrat ‘Isa, dan bukannya Roh Kudus; sebagai mana terdapat di dalam tradisi Injil atau Kitab Perjanjian Baru.

Hajj Sayed argues that the description of the conflict between Paul and Barnabas in Galatians supports the idea that the Gospel of Barnabas existed at the time of Paul.


Other passages in the Gospel of Barnabas contain similar denials by Jesus that he was the Messiah. This accords garnabas the teaching of the medieval Carmelites[57] who lived as an eremetic congregation on Carmel in the 13th century; but who claimed without any evidence to be direct successors of Elijah and the Old Testament prophets.

He shall sit, and shall not speak, for he shall be as it were beside himself. However, in his description of the Gospel in the Preliminary DiscourseSale was relying entirely on second-hand accounts.

This evidence also shows that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas lived in Europe in the Middle Ages rather than in Palestine at the time of Jesus. On one other occasion Barnabas was guilty of some religious discrimination with other Jewish Christians in Antioch when they would not eat with the Gentile Christians Galatians 2. We slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger They slew him not nor crucified, but it injjl so unto them; and lo!

Our real author has, in a second awful manner, made another calamitous blunder abrnabas suggesting that the Apostle Barnabas – of all people! The Italian version divides the golden “denarius” into sixty “minuti”.

Injil Barnabas : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Dan kepada mereka diberi kuasa atas seper empat dari bumi iniuntuk membunuh dengan pedang, dan dengan kelaparan dan sampar, dan dengan binatang binatang buas yang di bumi.

Certain features, however, substantiate the suggestion that this book was first written in Spain by a Spaniard, no matter barnanas language he originally wrote it in.

Certainly he was not only an apostle of true Christian persuasion, but in his quest for Christian fellowship chose Paul as his closest companion.

Thus circumcision is an essential element and a prerequisite of salvation in the Gospel of Barnabas and the author obviously assents to this doctrine. Lelly rated it really liked it Aug 20, Untuk mengantisipasi pengajaran pengajaran sesat tersebut Tuhan telah memberikan ciri ciri penyesat itu, walau seringkali kita terkecoh dengan gaya dan penampilan mereka dalam menyesatkan orang orang percaya.


Prince Eugene’s Italian manuscript had been presented to him in by John Frederick Cramer ; [12] and was injill to the Austrian National Library in Vienna in with the rest of his library.

Komar Chucky marked it as to-read Aug 02, The Gospel also takes a strongly anti-Pauline tone at times, saying in the Italian version’s beginning: Otherwise there are numerous points where words present in the Italian text and necessary for the sense are not represented in barnaba Spanish translation.

Gospel of Barnabas – Wikipedia

The text of this Gospel is late and pseudepigraphical. A “Gospel according to Barnabas” is mentioned in two early Christian lists of ” Apocrypha ” works: Atas sebutan Allah terhadap diriNya itu Hazrat ‘Isa tidak bertanggung jawab dan merasa barnabaa bersalah, sebab Ia sendiri tidak menaruh pemikiran tentang-Nya. Hasa added it Feb 23, The lost Spanish manuscript claimed to have been written in Istanbul, and the surviving Italian manuscript has several Turkish features; [43] so, whether the language barnxbas origin was Spanish or Italian, Istanbul is regarded by most researchers as the place of origin of the two known texts.

Nevertheless this expression is found in neither the Bible nor the Qur’an.

Injil Barnabas

Rather we have endeavoured to produce here in summary form some of the clear proofs which have come from these studies so that our Muslim friends may see that the Gospel of Barnabas is a forgery which has become a lamentable red-herring across the trail of Christian-Muslim apologetics in the modern world.

A Morisco letter of aroundnow in Madrid, confirms de Aranda as an associate of Ibrahim al-Taybili, in whose works is found the earliest reference to the Spanish Gospel. We find it surprising that this land should be appealed to as one which in summer-time is a good example of the delightful environment of Paradise.