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Wizard. Wizard is the second book in the Gaean Trilogy. Gaea is world and goddess, a dazzling pageant of wild mythology and chimerical creatures in a. One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written, John Varley’s Titan, Wizard, and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever. Title: Wizard Author(s): John Varley ISBN: / ( USA edition) Publisher: Berkley Pub Group Availability: Amazon Amazon UK.

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I was initially thrown off by the fact that we were on Earth and it took a bit for me to realize the story was set far into the future approx. I kind of wish there was more about them and less about the humans, though the human characters are cool. It put heaven within reach of those daring enough to make the climb. Thankfully, he actually realizes it in several places in the book, making me like him better for it.

This one is more somewhere between Heinlein and Piers Anthony. And I thought that hind-sex and frontal sex was confusing enough when there was a profusion of multiple sexual organs.

At first I was turned off because like a few other trilogies, the main character is quite a bit different from who she was, and is now an alcoholic.

The fact is, for all its faults, this novel is fascinating and dense with goodies and is full of great ideas. There’s a plot-point that can potentially shake things up, but it isn’t explored to my satisfaction. Wizard is the second novel in a trilogy.


Jan 09, Abra rated it it was amazing Shelves: And yes, it is that kind of coven—women looking to establish their own matriarchal society, free of the influence of men, who are envisioned by the women of the Coven as bogeymen.

Chris gets to be the lucky?

Wizard (novel) – Wikipedia

In fact their language is based on music, they sing, they play awesome musical instruments and they kick ass. For she is much too powerful Going in the story, I should stress that it’s important to know that the sequel takes place distantly in the future.

You have gentle Chris who has manic episodes. I find telepathy and ESP to be annoying cheats when it comes to science barley, and even with my deep favorites such as Star Trek, I have never liked things such as Vulcan mind-melds. This story is about two of these pilgrims as they make their way to Gaea. Wizard is the second book of the Gaea Trilogy by John Varley.


Now I’m just waiting to see what the end of the trilogy will look like. What I’d really like to see is a “director’s cut” of the trilogy that unites all the good parts into one novel.

But this is a minor quibble. Wizard returns after a number of decades, where things appear relatively stable: He has received both the Hugo and Nebula awards. Also introduced in this second book is Robin, a young woman from an all-fe Probably around 3. Jun 28, Tommy Carlson rated it really liked it.

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Like Titanthis novel is also largely picaresque as the varly venture around the rim of Gaea, accompanied by four Titanides, one of which has fallen in love with Chris. Sex and Buzz Bombs: She has severe seizures. Is this novel nothing but sex? I like the second book of the Gaea trilogy possibly the best — things get kind of wacky in the third one, which I am going to have to find in actual book form, since for some reason only the first two are available as ebooks.

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The adventures are great, the underlying plot is compelling, and the ongoing complexities of Gaea, the Wheel, fascinating. More than a few have died. Certainly good enough to make me read final book. There was a problem adding your email address. The sect is made up entirely of women, and holds men to be evil. The Titanides are truly amazing creatures, created by Gaea because she wanted Centaurs.

Maybe everything will be back to cool in book He finally screws up his courage and decides to approach Gaea.