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Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. The entire book. Just about everybody who restores DeWalts has read Wally’s book and also a later work by Jon. Eakes on fine tuning a radial arm saw. Both books are excellent. The print edition sold out at LeeValley tools but an electronic edition is still available from Jon Eakes’ web site: saws.

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I liked it so much, I bought the hardcover version off Ebay a few years back I not only wiped it down with ammonia, but raised and lowered the column several times to get all the grunge off of it.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

Then there was a large “mail slot” that could receive an extension wing that could be set-up in the driveway. It’s a question of clean back-up and eliminating vibration between the wood and the table as with my “fence hold-down” jig.

Few people ever learned to use a radial arm saw in a precise manner — so they blamed the saw — thinking that the table saw was easier to use. The core work surface and fence are critical — the rest are just support. Hi Neil, Most people only used radial arm saws as a cut-off saw and when the sliding miter boxes came out with their extended reach, they filled that need easier and cheaper.

People tend to tighten the bevel clamp so tightly that the handle eventually breaks and gets replaced by a pair of vice-grips. Knowing that will help if you get lost in the text.

First realize that nothing is “impossible” to adjust. Somehow that seems to be a statement against the planned obsolescence so common in tools today.

A hand plane with a thin blade digs in and out of the wood grain.

You will find that if you can print in dpi, the photos will come out as clear as the original publication. Too much freedom here can cause the arm to pivot up or sideways or both. Flood Alarm — The alarm for filling your bathtub without worry about flooding. Remember that the “best buy” and the “best product” are not always the same thing.

My radial and I work with six principles of precision. So if wings are temporary, they must be adjustable, lining up with the saw work surface. I downloaded your book about a year ago, and I am now a fan of both the saw, and your work. That could be as easy as one snug fit and three oversized holes for the column base mounting bolts. The one publishing bug is that the layout was designed for left and right pages odd pages on the right, even pages on the left as in a book, rather than consecutive pages out of your printer.


That leaves option 3.

Essentially all I have to do is the layout, and you print it yourself, all of it, or only the pages you want. I often have trouble recommending one brand name over others where there are a lot of good choices on the shelves. Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. On my saw, it’s accomplished by loosening eaoes locking nuts and jonn screws, and then adjusting the two big bolts on the back of the column.

Radial Arm Saws

Remember the critical fence is about two feet each side of the blade eakrs the rest is just support for weight. Page 91 of the book actually talks about table extensions, including one plan for a portable installation. For the basic numbers look up Crown Moulding in the search tab, or go to http: Cutting wood to close tolerances at the correct dimension will result in accurately made, well fitting joints.

Some may consider a Ferrari the “best” car around, while for others it is not in their budget, hence not the “best buy” for them. Hence the rest of this book is as originally eake. There are two reasons for using wood cuts, not metal squares, as the fine tuning instruments for a radial arm saw.

In option 1, the adjustment might make the saw table out of plane with the cabinet or table tops. A Weatherstripped Mail Slot — The most weather resistant and secure mail slot you can buy – it is called the Draft Dodger. Even lining up the table and then attaching a covering can change the angle of the cut in the wood.

Too tight and it binds and becomes jerky in movement. I had always hated and feared the radial arm saw that my Dad bought craftsman circa and was prepared to push it out into the rain, until set straight by my friend Douglas, who pointed me at your book. The book lays out some basic procedures for getting a radial arm saw back into shape, and if you follow the directions step by step, it’s really not too difficult.


What counts is that it produces straight square boards and this is always the final test of alignment.

Let’s Talk Wood: Fine tuning your Radial Arm Saw (Part one)

I hope this helps, Jon. There are times however when something is quite unique or something simply stands out; then I like to tell you about it, even where to get it. The whole thing could be advanced so that the fence cleared the door opening, allowing for ripping plywood. In plain language, it gives detailed instructions on making the notoriously sloppy radial arm saw cut dead square and to a tolerance of one th of an inch with a simple saw blade.

No, you will not find videos on the Radial Arm Saw here — I never shot any video for that back in Whereas bolts and pins lock things absolutely into position, friction clamps hold them “positively”.

Radial Arm Saw Eakew.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw : Jon Eakes :

We often scratch up the edge of a piece of wood or create considerable scrap trying to determine exactly where the point of entry will be for a cutting edge.

Table saw radil adjustments are locked by friction. The table was flat as as could be, and life was good. Still, I only called Delta’s tech support line twice. Although craft books dealing with such delicate manual tasks as dovetailing and marquetry frequently deal with the details of precision, the subject is rarely discussed when dealing with power tools.

Hon has opened the door to cost effective publishing of very limited quantities of a given book, and hence the swa of out-of-print books. What the book does is get your saw accurate enough that they will actually cut specific angles.

The first big adjustment is eliminating the column play. You can see it all with photos in a database article: When it is adjusted for “firm” travel you rarely have this problem.