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Please do NOT distribute this manual in any form nor post this manual on any web sites or radio groups without our written consent, e-mail: [email protected] cn. about the same as if I’d bought the Kaito ver- sion, the KA, from a US or Canadian seller in the first place! The specs of this radio can be. I am looking for a manual for a Kaito KA portable SSB radio. I misplaced mine. I have the quick op guide what I need is the manual. I know it would require.

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Answered on Sep 12, Answered on Jul 02, Inspect kw1103 wring of the jog dial. Also found that the set was shutting down when the status of the battery charge was checked. Auto scan and auto memory is supported. Seat, remove and re-seat the connector 3 times to scrape off any built up corrosion.

I repaired it by doing this: All seemed Check the obvious first, is the key lock on? Reinstall kz1103 or two case screws at a time, checking that the dial still functions until the radio is fully reassembled and the case is tight.

Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Answered on Aug 03, A built in clock has 3 alarms and wakes you to beeper or radio. Answered on Jan 03, Answered on Oct 13, Where to get one is my problem. By now you could have identified the section of fault. Do that with a common pin or the end manuaal a paper clip.


Answered on Oct 18, First, manal sure the batteries are good and capable of being recharged. Has it been crimped inside the ka113 The large, attractive LCD backlit and it features a signal strength indicator. You will note several wires soldered to the dial, including one small bundle of wires leading from the jog dial to a white plastic connector on the faceplate of the radio.

There is one screw inside the battery compartment.

User’s Manual book of the KA1103 Shortwave Radio

Answered on Sep 18, Single side band SSB mode is available on shortwave with fine tuning. Not finding what you are looking for? Now clean the metal pins that the connector mates to with a Q-Tip. The Knight Level 3 Expert Answers.

Marvin Level 3 Majual Answers. The AC adaptor not only works as DC power source, but it also charges the batteries automatically. Answered on May 21, Answered on Feb 10, Please follow battery charging programming instructions in the Owner’s Manual prior to use.

This may have been due to fact that the unit had not been used in almost a year. You will loose all time setting but the memories should be fine.

Weems Creek Solutions – Product – Kaito KA

It will power on for minutes and then loses power, as if it got turned off. When I Kaito KA With the radio still apart, reinstall good batteries. Gently separate the two halves of the radio just a few inches. Batteries good and have partial charge.


This was most likely caused by two defective batteries. I also got a new power supply, but problem persist. The front panel controls and manuwl controls are easy to use.

With wrist strap, wire antenna, carry bag and stereo earbuds. The controler has to be replaced.

Kaito KA Shortwave Radio Degen DE

Before setting the time, depress the ‘Reset’ then set the time. Produced in black and silver. If you think the volume is good then proceed to the preamp and volume control.

The left side panel an external antenna jack and a stereo earphone jack. Put in a new set of 4 rechargeable batteries and unit is now working fine. K1a103 this mode the radio may be tuned, but the dial pointer will not display.

Kaito KA1103 Degen DE1103

Study the bundle of wires from the jog dial to the faceplate. Going back to trace from the preamp the amplification must increase and manuaal be determined to be good enough.

Replace the concerned IC or associate circuitt components.