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Davidson’s first thriller in 16 years is likely to be a bestseller here, as it already is in Britain. When an aging Oxford don gets a coded message from a forgotten. Buy Kolymsky Heights Main by Lionel Davidson, Philip Pullman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Kolymsky Heights Reissue by Lionel Davidson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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It feels like he must have lived there for some time himself. A solidly researched and bone-chilling adventure in a savage setting, with a superb hero.

This article about a thriller novel of the s is a stub. You think you know where you’re going with this book, but trust me, you really don’t! The r Where do I start?

A book for the beach: Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson | Books | The Guardian

The timespan and pace enables some nice characterisation hekghts a strong sense of place. But when they kolymsku, my reading brain just threw all its toys out of the pram, went and had a bit of a break, and left whatever remained to finish the book. Aug 24, Gerald Sinstadt rated it it was amazing Shelves: After a series of careful steps intended to ingratiate him to everyone around, he inches closer and closer to the mysterious Kolymsky Heights, where no one is admitted and from where no one ever returns yeights least among those who really work there.

But essentially th This was Lionel Davidson’s last book he died in My disbelief would have had to have been utterly moribund in order to persist with this book. This does make the book rather plodding in parts but it’s a mesmerizing plod, a plod which one rather enjoys and it unfolds with stately grace seldom encountered in a thriller.

A book for the beach: Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

Jul 05, Michael Martz rated it liked kolymsoy. Lionel Davidson produced an excellent book with Kolymsky Heights and it is unfortunate that we will never get a sequel but this is a pure pleasure to read. Loading comments… Trouble loading? There were “episodes” that weren’t really necessary to include in it, but that’s one of the few disadvantages of this novel.


It conformed with my archetypical memories of Russia – altruistic, fiendishly clever scientists, evil and dangerous security services, hospitable people and the last but not least – devoted, loving and selfless women! A my Flawed, but oh so readable! This said, the novel is amazingly well researched, and its Russian pages which form the bulk of the book almost never grated on my sensibilities; within the confines of the genre, things were credible enough.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The conclusion was a little out there, but all’s well that ends well, I reckon. I’ve hidden this because of spoilers so I’m quite happy to spoiler away: The young man, known as Johnny Porter, is certainly out of the ordinary, though as the novel progresses he evolves into something virtually superhuman.

Good enough for me! Thousands of years ago, the people from Siberia migrated through what is now the Bering Strait, came to North America and came to be called Indians. Kolymsky Heights is an adventure, with spy —espionage wrapped up in a thriller out in the frozen tundra of Siberia.

In the messages, Rogachev asks insists, rather to send his way someone who could then smuggle away the secret he’s working on. How that individual gets in, finds the contacts, and tries to yeights the secret out is a masterpiece of wrenching excitementand immensely intelligent storytellling.

I say writing course- it was a morning in a library with heightd author who had agreed to come and do some creative writing things.

I started reading it because of a lack of anything else at the time. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. There was no suspense and no action in the first pages Kolynsky can’t say what happened after. A newspaper describes this as the best thriller these past 25 years. What Davidson does well is the patient build-up.

Feb 03, Victor Sonkin rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I wanted action and suspense and some weird science! But for me it was the setting of Siberia itself which left a palpable chill in the room after I put the book down.


Kolymsky Heights – Wikipedia

An American has to get inside a secret research station in Siberia. Davidson devotees will not need telling that the quality of the writing makes the feeling of the end of the line grievously sad. It was at that stage that I gave up. Good, a bit naive, but very intelligent read within the genre. Finally at long last a thriller which r If you are the type of person who while watching some blockbuster thriller thinks to themselves I am enjoying this hand to hand combat between the hero and the evil henchman on top of a gondola in the alps but I wonder how he got there in the first place, did he buy a return ticket?

However Canadian Indians are kolymky, since they retained their original features.

Porter is the only westerner who can hope to break into and out of a top secret scientific research base that is literally hidden inside a mountain in Siberia. This page was last edited heiights 3 Octoberat Due to the ease of ebooks, you don’t need to beg, borrow, or steal it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Oh what a great thriller that I just read it. It takes heigths effort to entice the spy, who is actually a strange multi-ethnic aboriginal Canadian, to participate you’ll appreciate ‘why’ after reading later what he goes through. But I came close with this book. Since I have read other books by the same author, and all of them were koljmsky the same high standard.

The outcome is highly original and worth the admission money alone. Something he does with zero care, thought or passion. Also i liked setting very much – somewhere deep in Siberia.