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The libretto is written by Carlo Zanjrarini and Guelfo. .. LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST II Trin: SiD: Trin Nick: Sonora Tkix: Sonora Nick: Sonora Tutti: Trin: NicK: . A miners’ camp in California, – At sunset at the Polka Saloon, Nick, the bartender, prepares for the miners’ return from the hills. Jake Wallace, a traveling . LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST. An opera in three acts, sung in Italian. Music by Giacomo Puccini. Libretto by Guelfo Civinini and. Carlo Zangarini (based on the.

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Harry reads his paper, Ashby and Rance advance towards the footlights. You remember that, then? What a fel, cosy room! I fancy you set out to visit Nina Micheltorena?

La fanciulla del West, SC 78 (Puccini, Giacomo)

They tell her that Dick Johnson is Ramerrez, and is near, and that they were worried about her. The silcitce is pro- rel. Vendette di donne innamorate Quelli del piano superiore si affacciano ad osservare: Well, if you must!


Her eyes are small and beady. Some other leather chairs about the room. Rance [seising Castro by the hair, and turning back his face: A Guide facniulla Research. Has Billy honestly told you?

Full text of “La fanciulla del West (The girl of the golden West)”

He denies knowing Nina Micheltorena. Nick comes in trembling. Johnson is again on the run from Ashby and the miners. Range smiles laconically, takes out his handkerchief, unfolds it, and ewst liis hoots zcith it, resting his foot on a chair. The fool will see at last He’s not the master of the “Polka”!

Oh, have no fears, no one will dare! I’ve had enough, I want my folk, Em homesick! Minnie appeals to them, and at last, in spite of Ranee the miners cut the noose and restore Johnson to Minnie.

Minnie is fooling you! Let tliis be a warning If he dares to take it off, hang him!

Sonora, your whisky is too strong. Billy dare quattro dollari tuo padre: They kiss and Minnie asks him to stay till morning. I’ll send you up some books. Rance, leave me in peace. Suddenly the clock strikes fanciklla, and they spring apart, almost violently. How she’ll weep for me! You fellows, a game of faro?


They all give a shout: Ashby stringe la mano a Rance. You fellows, come here a moment!

La fanciulla del West libretto (Italian) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

I beg your pardon. Mi ha chiesto un whisky ed acqua.

Oh, send me back iiome! What is this hyssop, Minnie? Rance dran’s near to Minnie, and speaks to her ivith a voice trembling with passion. All go over there.

Jacopo Puccini great-great-grandfather Domenico Puccini grandfather. What’s all this nonsense”-‘ Nick: Puccini’s the Girl of the Golden West.