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Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic: C. W. Leadbeater, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. Contents. 1 Title; 2 Origin; 3 Nature. L’Arbatel De Magia Veterum (Arbatel: De la magie des Anciens) est un grimoire de magie du XVI siècle. La première édition en latin date de à Bâle.

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A copy of the work was listed in the catalogue for the San Francisco Mercantile Library in But that amongst others this may find some acceptance, arbatle the desire of R.

It is convenient therefore to know and discern all differences of the wisdom of the Creator and arbahel Creatures, that it may be certainly manifest unto us, what we ought to assume to our use of every thing, and that we may know in truth how and in what maner that may be done.

Thirdly, Let him accustome himself to try the Spirits, as the Scripture admonisheth; for grapes cannot be gathered of thorns: And if there be any scandal in this enterprise of mine, it is taken, not given. Peterson, Weiser Books, In the fifth place we are to take magiw, that we understand when the Spirits are assisting us, in undertaking the greatest business; and he that understands this, it is manifest, that he shall be made a Magician of the ordination of God; that is, such a person who useth the ministery of the Spirits to bring excellent things to pass.

To these are referred all idolaters of magis, and of our age, and abusers of Fortune, such as the heathens are full of. Martha Martha sollicita es et dw erga plurima 42 porro unum est necessarium Maria optimam partem elegit quae non auferetur ab ea. The seventh, to be regenerate, as Henochius the King of the inferiour world. In bonis exemplo est Theodosius ante victoriam de Arbogasto.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thy scope therefore ought to be, that thou have the names of the Spirits, that is, their powers and offices, and how they are subjected and appointed by God to minister unto thee; xrbatel as Raphael was sent to Tobias, that he should heal his father, dd deliver his son from dangers, arbateel bring him to a wife.

There are seven different governments of the Spirits of Olympusby whom God hath appointed the whole frame and universe of this world to be governed: Therefore the Kingdom of Naples may be again restored to the Italians, if any Magician shall call him who instituted this order, and compel him to recal his deed; he may be compelled also, to restore the secret powers taken from the treasury of Magick; A Book, a Gemme, and magical Horn, which being had, any one may easily, if he will, make himself the Monarch of the world.


Make a beginning of the nature of the secret, either by a Spirit in the form of a person, arbaetl by vertues separate, either in humane Organs, or by what manner soever the same ,a be effected; and this being known, require of a Spirit which knoweth that art, that he would briefly mmagia unto thee whatsoever dr secret is: Observe this Law, and the eyes of thy understanding shall be opened, to understand secret things; and thou shalt have whatsoever thy minde desireth to be divinely revealed unto thee.

The Arbatel is noted for being straightforward in its writing, positive in its contents, and unusually honest regarding its origins. In hunc ordinem referendi etiam omnes, qui in legibus XII. Neither can it dehort wise and learned men in these days from attributing those vertues, influences, and inclinations, to the Stars and other Lights of heaven, which God hath given to those his glorious creatures.

All Magick is a revelation of Spirits of that kinde, of which sort the Magick is; so that the nine Muses are called, in Hesiodthe maia Magick, as he manifestly testifies of himself in Theogony. The Arbatel cannot be understood if separated from the philosophy of Paracelsuswho appears to have coined the term ” Olympic spirits magiw, and was the inspiration for the Arbatel ‘ s understanding of elementals including Paracelsus’s gnomes and the uniquely Paracelsian “Sagani”the macrocosm and microcosmand experimentation combined with respect for ancient authorities.

This precept appeareth most plainly: Turn over therefore with thy hand, both night and day, those holy Writings, that thou mayest be happie in things present, and blessed in all eternity. Therefore let us alwaies have regard unto the saying of Christ, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Et habet Tomos nouem Aphorismorum septies septenorum. Gohory, like Zwinger and Perna, was a Paracelsian.

Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic

If you draw these seven places of Scripture from the letter unto the Spirit, or into action, thou canst out erre, but shalt attain to the desired bound; thou shalt not arbateo from the mark, and God himself by rabatel holy Spirit will teach msgia true and profitable things: There is nothing so much becometh a man, as constancy in his words and deeds, and when the like rejoyceth in his like; there are none more happy then such, because the holy Angels are conversant about such, and possess the custody of them: It is God alone who maia them power to effect it.

Secondly, we are to know, That a Magitian is a person predestinated to this work from his mothers wombe; neither let him assume any such great things to himself, unless he be called divinely by grace hereunto, for some good end; to a bad end is, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, It must nagia that offences will come; but wo be to that man through whom they come.


We are therefore to exercise our selves about spiritual things, with fear and trembling, and with great reverence towards God, and to be conversant in spiritual essences with gravity and justice. Therefore Magick is twofold in its first division; the one is of God, which he bestoweth on the creatures of light; the other also is of God, but as it is the gift which he giveth unto the creatures of darkness: John Dee wrote about arbateo the Arbatel among many other occult works of the period.

He reconcileth the subterranean spirits to men; maketh hairy men. On the Magic of the Ancients was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. At the East let there be B.

In temporal things, thou oughtest to call upon God as a father, that he arnatel give unto thee all necessaries of this life: Therefore there is nothing whereof any one may glory; For it is not unto him that willeth, nor d him that runneth; but to whom God will have mercy, or of some other spiritual fate.

We chuse the 46 Aphorisme from these. In adbatel sua, qui fideliter versabatur, habebit etiam constantes eius studii socios Spiritus, qui ei omnes suppeditabunt successus. And they who are severe against it, they all pardon this my opinion, that such their severity proceeds from Self-guiltiness; and give me leave to apply that of Ennodius that it is the nature of Self-wickedness, to think that of others, which themselves deserve.

Arbatel De magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients)

Cauendum tamen ne nimium circa non necessaria occupemur iuxta Christi admonitionem, Martha Martha, tu es sollicita circa plurima. The good, the truth, the purity, in every kinde, may well be embraced: Thus saith Zoroaster, word for word: Phalec [sic] ruleth those things which are attributed to Marsthe Prince of peace.

So Michael, the fortitude of God governeth the people of God: Ita semper intuendum Christi dictum. He that is faithfully conversant in his vocation, shall have also the Spirits constant companions of his desires, who will successively supply him in all things.

The conclusion of the secret of secrets is, That every one exercise himself in prayer, for those things which he desires, and he shall not suffer a repulse.

When it first appeared init attracted the attention of people with a surprisingly broad range of agendas, including some of the finest minds of the time. Non est currentis neque volentis, sed miserentis Dei.