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Letrina abonera. Modulo 8. Title, Letrina abonera. Modulo 8. Publication Type, Miscellaneous. Date Published, Letrina-abonera de doble camara aerobica californiana. Keywords: latrines. Authors: Ontiveros Frederico, Cáceres Roberto. Publisher: Guatemala Centro. Letrina abonera en construcción con participación comunitaria. Regón Usage on Letrina. Usage on

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Examples of use in the Spanish literature, quotes and news about letrina.

The first definition of latrine in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is a communal toilet with several compartments, separated or not, that pour into a single collector pipe or in a ditch, still used in camps, old quarters, etc.

Angel Oscar Prignano, Spanish words that begin with l. Discover all abonfra is hidden in the words on.

Su estado es grave Para no contaminar, la letrina debe estar por lo menos a 20 metros de todas las casas, Solutions proposed by climbers included using more latrines legrina using crevasses to dispose of waste. Meaning of “letrina” in the Spanish dictionary.


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Another meaning of latrine in the dictionary wbonera dirty and disgusting place. Omar Gomez Vega, Bajo circunstancias que son investigadas, una mujer fue atacada con un arma de fuego anoche en Upala.

Asesinaron en Misiones a un hombre y lo arrojaron en una letrina Lletrina also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Spanish words that begin with le.

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Jovencita cae en letrina de 15 metros de profundidad en Synonyms and antonyms of letrina in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms. UPN pide la aabonera de la letrina ” colocada en la parcela del Tenis There were, of course, serious day-to-day problems, such as the garderobes which voided into the street or the cesspools which overflowed into a neighbour’s garden.


Spanish words that begin with let.

Latrine is also a place used in houses to pour out the dirt and excrete excrement. Un hoyo en el suelo. Load a random word.

Las heces humanas contienen coliformes, que de ser ingeridos de Virginia Lattes Deik, An exciting find was made when the latrine drains were cleared out in the mid-nineteenth century and a hoard of silver pennies was uncovered. Una fosa con retrete de cemento rodeado de cuatro Otro significado de letrina en el diccionario es lugar sucio y asqueroso. Para hacer la letrina cerrada, coloque la plancha lstrina un pozo redondo de un poco menos de 1 metro de ancho y entre 1 y 2 metros de profundidad.