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Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware . book which we do call The Sacred or Sworn. Book for this cause, for in it is. As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII. Text, translation and commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson. Available in two formats. This edition is.

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He has amassed a large collection of copies of rare and occult tracts for comparative research from the British Library and other institutions, which he shares at his award-winning jurtaus He therefore that will be saved must thus think of the Trinity. And they do reign in the spheres of the stars, and they do take upon them a firey body when they be sent by the commandment of God to man in this world that be cleansed and purified to company with them, and to comfort them.

Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom copies. Beyond this, whoevercopies this sacred text without permission from the editor will be damned.

Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII

Of enclosing of spirits,tables, Ita deus pater deus filis: Hail, most merciful lady Mary, the glory of maidens, the ruler of nations, the queen of the angels. So it has pleased the creator.

Ffor it is nott possible yt a wiched and unclen man it is not possible that a wicked and unclean manshulde work trwly in this arte, for men are not should work truely in this art, for men are not bounbownde unto sprites, but the sprites are constrayned to spirits, but the spirits are constrained against theagaynst yr wills to answere men yt be clensed or wills to answer men that are cleansed or clean, honnorius, and to fulfill there requestes, yet agaynst all yos fulfill their requests.


The names of the angels of the eighth jjuratus, which is called marquesnan [Heshvan], are these: Hear, O God, the prayer of thy servant N.

And in this Trinity none is before or after another, none is greater or less than another. Thow lorde which dost nott by and by cond- empne the sinner but thorow the pf doest abyde his repentance, i onworthy syn- ner doo be siche the o lorde nook thow wilte wype aw- ay all my synns and wickednes and utterly quenche in me all instigatyons. Hosel, Ieseland the rest, must be said a little after the beginning of the praying, and also at the beginning of any other oration.

Corrected per S4, GH.

Sworn Book Of Honorius

A complete transcription of R is included on the left-hand side, with a slightly modernized for readability version on the right. But in operatiooperationibus aliter fieri debet, quia de sanguine aut.

Some of them sof the earthe. Share on Google Plus Share. For it is faith that. In the name off the almighty god o r lorde Iesus christ the trew liuing god. Rabuchwhich by the space of forty days didst fast in the desert, and there were tempted of the devil, who didst remit and forgive Mary Magdaline weeping most bitterly at thy feet wiping them with her hair and annointing them all her sins, and didst raise again from death Lazarus her brother who had lain dead four days, and gavest sight unto him that was born blind, and didst vouchsafe thy body to be sacrificed to be drawn cruelly, to be entreated and spitefully to be judged, and to be blasphemed, and to be bitterly whipped with sharp cords, to be vexed with buffets and spittings, to be crowned with thorns, to be nailed to the cross with sharp nails both hand and foot, to drink vinegar and gall, and thy side to be opened with a spear and to be laid in thy grave, and to be kept of soldiers and all for us miserable sinners, which by thy mighty power and with the sign of thy holy cross with the which I do now sign me with mine own hands.


For the sight of the Deity will not be had without perfect pureness, for he will not be constrained, but prayed unto and entreated. This article needs additional citations for verification. And therefore, they that found out these sciences did the more abide in secret places, because they would not through worldly temptations be let from their works.

The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

O Jesu the sonne of the incomprhensible god hancor hanacor hamylos [or hanylos] iehorna theodonos helyothos [heliotheos] phagor corphandonos norizaue sworb hanosae helsezope phagora.

Pen-drawings of angels and spirits and marginal floral ornament, usually coloured, sometimes in gold; chapter-headings in red, blue, or green. Open unto me, O Lord my God and father of my life, the foundation of the sight which I desire to see. The Father uncreate, the Son uncreate, and the Holy Ghost uncreate.

Sworn Book Of Honorius Pages 1 – 40 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Suffumigacions of the facies of the. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Of the purging of the air, Ioht omaza vel Phet And with that series of letters which was previously named the circle will thus be filled with the great name of the Lord, Schemhamphorasof 72 yhe. The Sworne Book is represented in several manuscripts including the following found librr the British Museum:. After that, when you have thus done once in the morning, you must do so again about the 3 hour, and likewise about the midday, and then you may dine.

To make all pleasures to appear.

Hook as Solomon says, “It is better to abide with a bear or a lion in their den than to be in a house with a wicked woman.