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This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all. Ecco, con I mutilati Hermann Ungar assesta un colpo tale da mandare in frantumi Los mutilados, es un relato terrible sobre las perversiones y locuras más. Hermann Ungar was a Czech-Jewish writer (in the German language) and an officer in Czechoslovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contents. 1 Biography; 2.

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Or, alternatively, if one hates women and Karl does,then maybe on a scale of one to ten where mutilads is the most hideous prospect, the fat woman scores. I’m gonna look so dumb!

Los mutilados

O livro de Ungar tem como grande qualidade a palatabilidade do estilo: But what do I know? I suppose if one has to become a sexual slave it might as well be to a fat woman.

He also suffers endless nights in cold sweat, paralyzed by the death grip of imaginary thieves and murderers, only to suffer the hours of his days in ceaseless toil, a slave, mercilessly at the beck and call of his obsessive compulsive disorder – everything must be counted and counted again Sep 07, Zac Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read on, brave ones. These illustrations merely enhance the sorrowful aesthetic. It was a bad day if it was the “Bar fight” episodes. It only made me wonder more.

He was praised by Thomas Mann as a great writer. Nov 05, Ben Arzate rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 10 comments. It was as though he had slept with his sister.


I wish he had stuck with the first draft because I think his protaganist would have proven more genuine and sympathetic, instead of just pitiable.

But then it gets weirder, and the idea of Karl Fanta, the 3-time amputee, is disturbing, and the unclear motives of everyone is nightmarish.

Los mutilados – Hermann Ungar – Siruela | Editorial Herder MX

After losing his mother and being repeatedly beaten at the hands of his father while his aunt held him down, Franz becomes a timid and withdrawn fellow fearing most everything and everyone. But it is not the worn in feeling at home but it couldn’t go anywhere or at least would not be afraid to if it was going to go that way. Jul 22, Jed rated it it was amazing. Shopping cart Loading cart. Karl himself is a cruel character, driven half-mad by his disease, and yet several of his rambling, paranoid or sexually obsessed monologues are quite funny as well.

It could have gone anywhere and those guys let them go in all these different places in those years. He felt his thin limbs against his herjann, felt the way Franz’s chest rose and fell as he untar. Tortured by sick and demented hallucinations of his father and aunt, Polzer suffers an immense sense of self-loathing as well as a loathing of women and children.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Polzer is twisted up inside to where he’s sexless because he doesn’t leave that room for anyone else. There is one scene where the narration leaves Franz which was jarring, but good for the progress of the story.


The Maimed by Hermann Ungar

I would have given it five stars upon reading it through the first time, but I looked at it again several months later and I realized I liked it less. Well-written and captivating from the opening sentence, this novel tells the depressing story of Franz Polzer.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Her arm was around his shoulders. The widowed landlady could have been played by a man in my mind.

This guy doesn’t get any love he can ask for. He does what is asked of him. As soon as the shadow of his aunt fell across the lighted door, Polzer had known that a woman’s nakedness was something horrid. Abuse begets abuse and it was never more true than in this twisted and tragic tale of Franz Polzer. And the madness and paranoia of each character feeds off of one another into a shocking climax. The Attendant’s character is great, really impressed me, his role and motivation in everything. They were both Jewish writers from Prague who wrote dark fiction, but Ungar is quite distinct from Kafka.

At hemann, he worked as a lawyer and director of the theater in Chebwhere he also wrote plays. I particularly like Dave Foley in this skit. Everyone else probably said Kafka.